Premium Flooring Reno

With so many options at your disposal, you can go for laminate, hardwood, wool carpets and rugs, linoleum, tile and other suitable solutions. You have to consider the purpose of the rooms and other sections of the home before making your choice.

If you’re thinking of decorating the surfaces of rooms and other areas of your home, there are premium flooring options you’ve got to consider. You need to choose the best options that will suit an entire building as well. You have to consider the sizes and use of those areas, as well as the colors of walls and furniture before you choose a suitable covering. Given below are some of the options to go for.

Laminate (“pergo”) Flooring

This is one of the most wallet-friendly solutions meant for homes and offices. It’s often made from recycled pressed paper/cardboard and comes with many unique features like colors, textures and distressed options. Known to be very affordable, laminate flooring is scratch, dent and fire- resistant and is very easy to clean. It doesn’t accumulate dirt since the surface is always sealed. Laminates range in thickness from 6mm (1/4″) to 12mm (1/2″) which is actually a most vital part of performance: thin products have weak locking systems while thick laminates have a much stronger locking which does not separate as easy. Also, thick laminates tend to look and sound much better than their thin, cheap counterparts.

Solid Hardwood

Hardwood is a premium flooring solution that can be used for homes or businesses. It’s often made of timber and factory applied UV-cured Oxide finishes that are designed to withstand traffic for 35-50 years. It comes in diverse species such as hickory, ash, cherry, oak, maple and so on. It’s known to be very durable and in most cases can outlive the house. There are cheap “Green-Cut” products from chain-stores that were never dried before milling: the product is basically drying on the way to you… then, there are premium Kiln-Dried products that are slowly dried for several months before hitting the mill to kill insect eggs and prevent splitting, cracking, bowing, twisting and unequal drying which results in different sizes of the finished product width-wise: gaps.

Engineered Hardwood

This is a typical hardwood covering material. Premium products are made of plywood as a core, a layer of real hardwood and a high quality protective finish. The price is often higher than of laminate products but lower than that of Solid hardwoods. Overall, engineered hardwood is known to be very stable and durable, provided that it is made of Cold-Pressed Plywood and NOT the Glued-together-Planks or Fiberboard  as the later two have NO stability whatsoever which will result in gaps, cracks and squeaks within a year or two! Factory-finished Engineered Hardwood is easier to install by a novice as it is always perfectly straight, and it doesn’t require painting, oiling or varnishing.

How to Choose the Best Flooring Option

The kind of premium covering you go for depends on a number of factors: you have to consider the purpose of the rooms involved and their proposed usage. You can use any of the materials to decorate living rooms, halls, stairs, bedrooms and dining rooms; however they may not be suitable for wet locations or areas prone to spillage or dirt like full bathrooms, laundry rooms and mud-rooms or foyers. Linoleum or Tile should be considered for such areas instead.

Meanwhile, the level of foot traffic in the rooms and other sections matters a lot. You can use simpler flooring materials in bedrooms since they attract low foot traffic. Using heavier-grade coverings for kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, living rooms and hallways because they attract and will have to endure a heavy level of foot traffic should be considered.

In all, you still need to make further inquiries when looking for the best flooring: consult a reliable professional flooring outlet or installer for further assistance. Try avoiding Chain-Stores completely, as they employ inexperienced Sales Personnel with Minimum amount of knowledge and skills of the actual Trade they know nothing about. You should also consider purchasing the products from a reliable dealer that specializes in flooring versus home improvement stores that specialize in selling cheap crap that creates repeating customers.

Laminate Flooring Options

Laminate flooring is one of the best options to consider to beautify your home, office or a rental property.
It is known to be very durable, Eco-friendly, easy to maintain and very wallet-friendly. It also showcases in diverse colors and designs to satisfy any style or personal taste.

Laminate flooring definitely is one of the best options to go for when decorating the surfaces of rooms in any building. Ours are made of durable HDF core (High Density Fiberboard, recycled paper/cardboard) and coated with UV-cured Oxide Finish to form a product that is scratch, dent, fire and fade-resistant. It looks like a hardwood but is not actually made of hardwood elements, which makes it perfect for customers that prefer to keep the trees standing. Basically, the laminate floor covering comprises of 3 major layers: the core, photographic and the wear layers. Each one is designed for a specific purpose. Let’s examine them.

  • The core

This tier is made of varying materials depending on the producer. It can be made of high or low density fiberboard, synthetic products and can be treated with resins. It ensures the durability of the entire product.

  • The photographic tier

This goes over the core layer. It showcases an image of solid hardwood board. It’s actually the tier that brings out the beauty of the product. The image resolution and pattern depend on the manufacturer.

  • The wear

This is the actual plane of the board that contains the texture of the entire product. It covers the photographic design. It also prevents wear and tear. The layer is often made of melamine, aluminum oxide or resin-coated cellulose.

  • Roll Underlayment

This is meant to serve as a barrier against moisture. It also offers structural integrity to the floor product and equally ensures durability. The materials used can vary with the maker: it can be made of  PET foam, cork, rubber and other materials. Beware of products with factory-attached underlayment- they do not offer a moisture/vapor protection in the seam area, they leave a hollow space under the seams/joints that wears out the locking system, and do not offer sound-reducing or insulating properties- it is much safer to purchase a roll-out underlayment where you can add sound absorption and heat-loss protection.

Installation Basics

Laminate flooring offered at Quality Floors 4 Less is DIY-friendly. It comes with a glue-less locking system on all 4 sides (Click-Lock) and is also packaged with simple installation guidelines which you can easily follow. The installation process takes a little bit of time and there are a few basic tools that will be required, such as a table-saw, rubber mallet and a tapping block. You have to follow the given instructions closely to get the job done right, or you can also save your time and energy by engaging a professional installation crew to get it done for you, hustle-free; in both cases we are ready to help you out with tips, tricks and insider techniques that we’ve developed in a Decade of experience in the flooring field and General Construction.

The Pros

Laminate flooring comes with diverse benefits. There’s a lot you stand to gain when you choose the Laminate in decorating your home or office. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Very easy to clean. Will not Fade or Stain. Just Vacuum/Sweep and Mop.
  • Substantially less expensive than Hardwood.
  • Known to be highly durable. Resists wear, tear, falling objects, cigarette burns, high heels and large dogs- highly recommended for busy households.
  • There are diverse colors and styles to go for when looking to finally free your home of those stinky and poisonous carpets.

In all, laminate is a great option to go for to make your home look and feel great and healthy. Make proper inquiries about the product before parting with your money at a Corporate Chain Store, though…

Flooring Stores

Hardwood flooring materials are often sold at various flooring stores. You need to take out time to pick the perfect coverings that will suit your home when you visit any of the stores. You should engage an expert to help you out.

Hardwood flooring is fast becoming the order of the day in many new homes. This is because it makes the entire house look beautiful and elegant. There are diverse kinds of materials usually used for tidying up the house. They are available in various flooring stores out there. You can always pick the perfect hardwood when you make proper inquiries. Here are some helpful tips you can engage:

  • Consider the type of home involved

To pick the right hardwood floor type, you need to consider the kind of home where the material is needed. There are several kinds of woodblocks, tiles and coverings meant for different kinds of homes. Some of them are suitable for condos and bungalows while others are suitable for cottages. You have to bear this in mind when searching for the best materialsYou can take pictures of your home including the rooms before visiting any of the dealers. You’re sure to make the right choice as you keep searching.

  • Choose a suitable color

The hardwood coverings showcase in diverse colors. The colored types are usually stained. You can pick any of the best colors that will suit your home. You can go for the mix-colored types or the natural types. In most cases, the natural types are manufactured without stain. They are always suitable for condos, bungalows and other apartments. They have the capacity of beautifying every single room in the house. You can use them to cover your bedroom, dining room and the living room. You can also use the stained type to cover your kitchen and the bathrooms. The choice is always yours.

  • Select suitable species

The wood coverings showcase in diverse species. Among the most popular species include hickory, ash, maple, cherry, birch and oak. There are many other species you’ll see in various outlets. You have to make your choice. You have to consider the nature of your home before picking any of the species.

  • Seek professional advise

You can make choices by yourself when looking for suitable wood coverings for your home. However, you can still make mistakes since you’re not an expert in the field. To avoid stressing yourself, you should seek professional advice. You need an expert in the field who will guide you. The expert will also help you install the materials once they are purchased. You can meet the right expert when you visit any of the best stores out there.

In all, hardwood covering materials are always available in various flooring stores. You need to make proper inquiries before purchasing them from any of the dealers. You don’t need to be in a hurry when searching for the right products. You need to take out time to conduct a detailed research to make an educated selection.


Flooring is a vital aspect to consider when decorating a home, a rental property or an office. You have to decide on the best materials to use based on their properties and intended applications. You need to be properly guided when looking for quality floor covering products to avoid potential hustle, disappointment and waste of money and time caused by 2nd and liquidation grade materials. “You get what you pay for” is true in flooring as in anything else, if you expect your floors to last for more than just a few years.

You need a suitable 
flooring to get each room properly decorated, while maintaining its structural integrity and intended usage. There are several options to choose from. You have to make proper inquiries before taking any serious decision. There are several considerations you have to make. Given below are vital tips to help you out:

  • Consider the room you wish to cover

You need to consider the kind of room or section you wish to decorate when searching for suitable flooring. There are different kinds of floor covering meant for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. There are also suitable solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, verandas, stairs and hallways. You have to spend time to make a good choice.

  • Consider the level of foot traffic

The level of foot traffic that comes into the rooms or sections matters a lot when choosing floor covering. For instance, the foyers, living rooms, stairs and hallways attract higher level of foot traffic. You need to use hard materials like tile, wood or laminate in such areas. If you have dogs  that weigh over 75 pounds- consider laminate as it is much denser than wood and can tolerate high heals and dog claws with ease. Kitchens attract dirt, stains, water and food spillage. You should consider using ceramic or porcelain tile or linoleum. Porcelain tile is very much stronger than ceramic or natural stone- it will resist cracking much better. Linoleum is a healthier alternative to synthetic Vinyl (PVC), according to some independent researchers. Bedrooms attract low foot traffic. You can consider using a rug or carpet there. Natural carpets and rugs made of wool, sisal, hemp or other renewable resource leave a much smaller footprint if any, and contain no synthetic ingredients that are harmful to living cells. Bathrooms and laundry rooms require tile or linoleum since they are prone to water spillage and stains on regular basis. Cleaning and Sealing the Grout lines annually prevents cracking of grout and a loss of water resistance.

  • Consider your location

Some wood species like Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Bamboo and other “exotics” come from very humid places and therefore should never be installed in dry climate areas like Nevada, Arizona, Utah, etc., unless there is a humidifier available to keep the relative humidity at 40-70% throughout the lifetime of those materials.

Some Engineered Hardwoods are made using a “pine-planking” core that will expand and shrink drastically in dry or very humid climates, when “cold-pressed plywood” core will perform with no issues and visible changes.

  • Consider construction of materials

Consider how and what the proposed materials are made from. Bamboo is Grass, therefore it requires massive amounts of petroleum-based glues and epoxies to make it harder and to hold it together. Engineered Hardwood requires 3-5 times less that of the expensive and hard to grow/get wood species, and is also based on pine or birch plywood, mostly made of sustainably harvested and re-planted, fast growing timber. Vinyl (PVC) and Carpets are made of petroleum by-products thus containing hundreds if not thousands of harmful chemicals that should never be put in contact with people, animals and especially new-borns. They utilize enormous amounts of energy and water in their production and take hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose.

  • Consider the location of the room

The location of the room matters a lot. Inner rooms don’t attract much stains and foot traffic. They may not require heavy covering materials. Rooms that are close to the kitchen, hallways and stairs may require heavy coverings since they will be attracting much stains and foot traffic.

  • Consider the home décor

You need to consider choosing flooring before the rest of the decor such as color of the curtains, blinds, furniture and other decorative items in a home because quality floors are designed to last for over 25 years and they will cover an entire house- you may change the decor several times before you need to re-do your floors, so they might as well be chosen first, then bringing  the rest of the house to them as your mood strikes you.

  • Consider the people in the home

If some people have allergies, you have to take that into consideration before choosing any kind of surface. Such individuals may get sick when they stay in rooms covered with synthetic carpets and rugs. They will continue to suffer allergies that will emanate from the dust, dirt, cleaning products and traces of other chemicals brought in on shoes and pets. You can consider using tile, wood or laminate for the room since they are often very easy to clean and trap no dirt and dust.

  • Take proper measurement

Before you think of buying any flooring product, you need to have the full measurement of the rooms and other areas you wish to cover. You can also take pictures of the rooms. You may be asked to provide such details when you meet with the right dealer.

In all, you have to purchase the best flooring from a reliable supplier. Look for a dealer that markets quality products. You can be sure of changing the appearance of your home when you use the right materials.

  • Consider hiring a Pro

Hiring a professional installer should be considered if your skills are that of a beginner, as some forms of flooring require special skills and tools. If you are confident in your ability to handle the task, ask for tips from the supplier of your choice, as they should know their product and its uniqueness and should be happy to share tricks and tips to make your job easier, faster and safer.

Wool Carpets & Rugs


Quality Floors 4 Less is excited to announce our latest Green addition: Wool Carpets and Rugs by California’s Unique Carpets Ltd. Pure, Natural, 4 Less than you may think.

For thousands of years, wool has been the fiber of choice in carpet and rug manufacturing as it naturally resists stains and fire. Aside from its heralded performance and unsurpassed aesthetics, 100% pure wool is an environmentally sound selection in that it is completely biodegradable and, since the earth’s natural resources are not depleted in its production, it is a rapidly renewable resource. Wool is referred to as a ‘bio-based’ fiber since its production is fueled by another rapidly renewable resource – grass.

The key decoration element of your house is carpet. If you could choose right carpet, it makes your home more comfortable and stylish. The carpets are not cheap. So, it is necessary to buy carpets or rugs of good look and quality.

The most important part of the carpet is hair. Actually, there are two features that make your carpet to live long. They are hair type and carpet material. It is better to choose carpet that is widely used for walking, removing furniture, pets and other weightings. The hair of the carpet is made of five main materials: nylon, olefin, wool, polyester, acrylic. It is also very popular to combine wool and nylon. Obviously, wool carpets and rugs are natural. This fact makes them highly popular.

About Wool Carpets In Short

The wool carpets and rugs are warm and comfortable interior items. They look elegant and valuable.

Obviously, they are made of wool of high quality. Buying wool carpet, you should pay attention to the carpet color. You should remember that natural wool carpets are not bright and acid. They are characterized with natural colors. Wool covering is elastic, long living and high density. Modern technologies improve carpet condition by using antiseptic and water resistant materials and treatment, combining wool and synthetic materials.

Wool Carpets of Different Types

  • Half-woolen carpet (less than 50% of wool);
  • Wool carpets and rugs (50% of wool and more);
  • All-wool carpet (100% of wool).

wool-carpets-2It is possible to add some silk to the carpet texture. The newest technologies help to make natural carpets much cheaper by using viscose and nylon instead of expensive natural silk.

Choosing Carpet

Do you know the problem of choosing carpet? It can be really difficult to decide which type of floor carpeting is more rational. So, do you prefer synthetic or wool carpeting? The both of these variants have pluses and minuses. Reading this article you can decide for sure which variant is acceptable for you.

Synthetic Carpets


  • Synthetic carpets are cheap. If you used to change your house interior very often, it is better to buy stylish synthetic floor covering;
  • Synthetic hair is hypoallergenic;
  • Synthetic carpets are easy to clean, brush or wash, whatever;

The carpets are bright. They are made of colored hair. So, it will not lose in color for a long time of active usage.


  • Synthetic carpets accumulate static electricity to accumulate dust and dirt all together;
  • The most of synthetic carpets are cracking and rolling down;
  • Synthetic is not long living material;
  • Fire performance.

Wool Carpets and Rugs


  • Wool carpet lives long. They can be sent from father to son for ages;
  • Woolen carpets are not bright and acid colors. They look natural and stylish of muted colors;
  • High fire protection;
  • Wool carpets are always warm to conserve the heat;
  • Elastic hair.


  • Woolen carpets are strong allergens;
  • Wool carpets are difficult to clean;
  • They can be damaged by mold and moth;
  • High price.

Take Care of Your Wool Carpet

To take care of your wool carpets and rugs you should keep the rules. Wool carpet is preferable to synthetic materials not only because it is stylish and soft. Actually, buying carpet is very important step in your house design. This is not the oneday caprice. To keep you carpet clean and good-conditioned it is better to follow the rules below:

Woolen carpets are afraid of wetness. It is not recommended to put wool flooring in the rooms of high wet air;

If you want to keep your carpet always bright, it is better to keep it far from the direct sunlight. The curtains or window shades can help;

If your carpet is high quality and solid material, it is not afraid of heels and furniture;

You should change your carpet location for 90 or 180 degrees position from time to time. These simple manipulations help your carpet to be new and good-looking.

Cleaning Wool Carpet

To keep your wool carpeting clean and fresh, you should use vacuum cleaner at least once a week. It is much better to clean carpet on both sides.

The wool carpets and rugs must be washed once a year. It is very dangerous for wool covering to be washed. Pay attention to:


Cleaning materials that are assigned with the mark all-in-one are not attractive for woolen materials. It is better to buy something soft and careful.

Forget about using whiteners. They can damage your carpet.

If you decided to wash your woolen carpet with special shampoo, keep the instruction proportions: you do not use water, but foam.

Never forget to dry your carpeting after cleaning: you may use paper or textile towels. Of course, it is better to dry carpet in the natural conditions without using drying machines and other equipment.

Why Do You Need Wool Carpet in Your House?

Elegance. Beautiful carpets with beautiful decoration are great for your house. The variety of colors, decorations, textures helps you to choose the best carpet for your home to make it unbelievably stylish and original.

Comfort. The carpets make your home warm and comfortable. It is really pleasant to go, sit or rest on the carpet. It helps to keep your house warm.

Health. The floor with the wool carpet on it absorbs dirt and dust. So, the air in your house is clean. Wool carpets and rugs face the attack.

Sound-absorption. The woolen floor deadens sounds 10 times better than the naked hardwood. You house is going to be calm and quiet.

Durability. The high quality wool rugs and carpets live for ages. Moreover, they look great!

Simple to use. You know, it is not a problem to decorate your floor with the natural wool carpets and rugs.

Simple to clean. It is said that natural carpets are difficult to clean. As a matter of fact, carpets made of natural materials do not need special attention. It is enough to clean it with your vacuum cleaner from time to time. Do you want to clean your carpet without damage and harm? It is better to call for cleaners.

Porcelain Tile & Marmoleum

Quality Floors 4 Less has an outstanding business relationship with Bedrosians – one of the largest independent tile and stone importers and distributors in the United States, providing the highest level of service possible, the best technical and design assistance available, excellent product quality and competitive pricing since 1948.

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Marmoleum-100% Natural Linoleum and Composition Tile

Made from natural raw materials, including linseed oil, pine rosin and wood flour, Marmoleum is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The natural properties of Marmoleum cause it to strengthen over its life. When properly maintained, Marmoleum will retain its attractive appearance for decades.
In addition, Marmoleum helps create a healthier indoor environment. Naturally occurring anti-microbial properties inhibit the growth of many micro-organisms, including allergen producing dust mites and the MRSA strains of bacteria. Marmoleum also has natural anti-static properties to repel dust and dirt, making it easier to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Marmoleum water-based Topshield finish eliminates the need for initial maintenance and chemicals, while providing lower cleaning costs and a better long-term appearance retention. From the indoor environment to the natural environment, Marmoleum helps create better environments.

Porcelain Tile & Marmoleum

Which variant is attractive for your kitchen, tile or linoleum? Choosing floor covering can be difficult and important decision. Some wants to use their design talent to decorate kitchen with the newest materials according to the newest standards. How about the poured floor with the original print? Nevertheless, the most of these materials are not cheap to buy and cover. Besides, you know nothing about floor capacities and characteristics. So, it is recommended to use just checked reliable materials: porcelain tile & marmoleum.

Which of these surfaces are the best for kitchen? It is time to answer this hot question by comparing them together according to the most important criteria.


Wearing Power

Kitchen is one of the best visiting rooms in the house. To take the loads, the floor of your kitchen must be of high wearing power. Otherwise, it will be cracked and damaged soon. In short, the wearing characteristics of kitchen tile are higher than linoleum. To break and crack your tile you should take big efforts to use it for dozens of years. There are several classes of porcelain tile. Kitchen needs 3-5 class of tile. Linoleum can be also different wearing classes. Choosing high class linoleum you may easily even the score.

Water Resistance

The second important point is water resistance. Of course, kitchen is a place where something is dropping, spilling and wetting down. The water concentration is high. Wet climate makes a big influence over the floor surface. It must be water resistant. Linoleum cannot be damaged with water. Nevertheless, if the water comes down under the floor covering, it causes mold, dust and floor deformation. To protect your floor, you have to dry it in the best way. Speaking about tile, it is water resistant floor. Remember, the swimming pools are also covered with tile. You are not afraid of watering with porcelain tile in the kitchen.


Wide Assortment

Porcelain tile & marmoleum boast with the wide assortments. It is not big, but huge. There are many different types of floor covering with different colors, textures, characteristics. There are two types of linoleum: homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous linoleum is one layer of polyvinylchloride with the nice decoration. It is protected with the thin layer of clear polyurethane. Heterogeneous linoleum is multilayered material, made of many layers of polyvinyl chloride and upper protective layer. Both of these types are attractive for kitchen.

Polyvinylchloride is not the best variant for kitchen. Pay attention to the newest natural material – marmoleum. Marmoleum is not only natural, but safe material. It has many useful qualities, unlike polyvinylchloride. For example, marmoleum contains antiseptic and fungicide qualities, protecting your kitchen floor from dangerous bacteria. This is not the end! Marmoleum is water, fats, acids and ethanol resistant. It is also fire resistant. It is a pity, but linoleum characteristics are low. Why do people prefer linoleum to marmoleum? – No one can help to answer this question. Pay attention to the price. The price for linoleum is much cheaper than for marmoleum. It can happen that the price for marmoleum can be as high as the price for elite parquet.

It is time to speak about the floor colors. Speaking about the colors of linoleum, the choice is wide: the variety of natural colors, marble, different forms and stony surfaces. They are called heterogeneous or synthetic linoleums. The assortment of homogeneous linoleums is much frugal – natural soft colors or marble drops. Marmoleum are also dropped or self-colored. Sometimes, you can meet the collection of other original and creative floor colors, like crocodile skin and others. Have you any preferences about your floor color?

The colors and textures of the floor tiles are also different. It can be matted and glazed, different forms and colors. It is usually decorated with interesting picture. The most of modern collections consist of many tiles to compose a big picture, like flowers or butterflies. The opportunities of kitchen tile to simulate stone, parquet, metal, textile pictures are different. You can be surprised with masterful imitation of natural leather or wood. Oh, it is not only about picture, but texture of these materials.

Shock Resistance

Shock resistance is a popular linoleum feature. If you dropped something, nothing will happen. Linoleum floor is difficult to crack or scratch. The only one thing that your linoleum is afraid of is fork, knife and other sharp things. Tile is easy to crack. If you dropped something heavy on your tiled floor, you can damage it.

Hygiene and Ease to Use

How many times a day do you usually wash the kitchen floor? You should do it very often. Of course, you want to spend little efforts to clean the floor. Actually, it is not difficult to take care of tiled floor and linoleum. To clean the floor you should take the wet dust and remove dirt.

There is a set of special chemicals to take care of your floor. Nevertheless, you may use water and special soap or shampoo. What is more, the most of modern linoleums are provided with antibacterial and antifungal chemicals. Of course, it does not mean that antibacterial background safes you from the bacterial growth. Comparing linoleum and marmolium, marmoleum does need special presentation. It does not need special doping as far as the floor of marmoleum contains bactericide and antiseptic components.


Touch it! Linoleum is warm and pleasant by touch. The thinner material is the more warmth it usually keeps. The best variant is linoleum with special base layer. It is not afraid of water. The tiled floor is cold. So, it can be uncomfortable to use it in winter. There is way out! You may cover your tiled floor with warm and soft rugs. You may also use under floor heating. Let the temperature of your floor be always comfortable.

Have you made the right decision? Porcelain tile & marmoleum are widely recommended to use for kitchen. Try to think of pluses and minuses of each of them and decide. So, what is your choice: tiles or marmoleum?


Solid Hardwood Floor Sometimes, it is difficult to come to terms with the price for solid hardwood. As a rule, it costs more expensive than wooden parquet. Do you remember ancient villas and palaces, decorated with massive wooden floor? The modern wooden floor is admirable floor covering that is characterized with the natural warmth and special charm. This is the floor for luxury apartments. You have an opportunity to have solid hardwood in your house! Do you believe to expert’s opinion? They can tell you about all advantages of the wood floor.

Solid Hardwood Floor Advantageous

The main advantageous of solid hardwood, comparing with other wooden covering, is term of exploitation. Why? Look at that thick and wide working layer! The standard thickness of a floor is 20-22 millimeters. The working layer is 10 millimeters wide at that. It is important for the floor useful life. Remember that typical parquet board is 3-4 or 7-8 millimeters wide. What a big difference!

Long-living is not the only one advantage of your wooden floor. As you know, wooden floor is warm and comfortable, better than other synthetic materials. This is a great chance to go without under-floor heating. Your floor looks like a massive wooden monolith that is sound resistant. The boards are wide and massive, making your room visually bigger. Every next board is inimitable to tell its own history. Finally, solid hardwood floor is ecologic, recommended to use by kids and allergists.

Wood is living material. All boards are unique in its variation of color and structure. Wood is a product that was created by nature. Such natural effects, so-called defects, as cracks, snags are also often available. You know, many people like these wooden qualities. It is colorful and specific.

Now it is important to say that all before mentioned wooden advantages make massive floor better that others. It is no surprising that the most of people prefer natural wooden floor for their home to raise their status.

Cheap and Elite Floor Status

What is the most popular material for solid hardwood floor? You know, almost all possible types of wood are usually used to produce massive wooden covering, including the cheapest and soft – pine tree and ebony wood. You can also meet floor of rare exotic wooden materials like Caribbean koa, kumier, champaka tree, or even bamboo. The cheap and practical wood is oak. Exotic trees are expensive. Nevertheless, they are unusual, strange and original by color and beauty.

By the way, the most expensive types of wood are only made of exotic trees, but European. Thus, for example, the pear tree is considered to be rather expensive. Oak is popular material to use if for floor production. It is characterized by stability and easy to work with. The floor made of merbau and maple tree is also popular. So, there is no cheap wooden floor. This is not a rule, but axiom. Remember that high quality wooden boards cannot be cheap. Even pine boards that are worked in the best way are not cheap.

Price for Wooden Floor

The word cheap is not about massive wooden floor. It is better to say: European sorts of wood are more accessible than exotic wood. Speaking about European trees, the most accessible of them are maple, cherry tree, nut tree. The best elite sorts of wood are African teak and wenge. The most popular and not very much expensive wood is merbau.

The market price for massive wooden floor is made of not only the price for rare wood and its quality characteristics but texture, tone, visible wooden defects. For example, the wood of radial texture is very expensive. The high quality wood is also more expensive than defected boards. As a rule, elite floor is specially selected and high quality floor, made of quality material with the help of quality equipment.

Solid HardwoodThe Best Rooms For Wooden Floor and Why

It is thought that massive wood is good for cottage houses and other buildings like pubs, restaurants, billiard rooms. It is also good-looking material for city building and flats. You may use it for living rooms halls, bedrooms and other big areas where the key point is furnishing and common style.

As a matter of fact, the most attractive area for solid hardwood must be not less than 20 square meters. Otherwise, the floor does not look as beautiful and colorful as it is. So, looking for a good floor for small rooms, it is better to choose parquet or massive boards of a small size. It is not very impressive, by the way.

Solid Hardwood Usage Conditions

Wooden floor is attractive to use for different rooms that are not hugged to have damp climate and temperature extremes. The solid hardwood floor is recommended to use for rooms with the heavy workload (hall, corridor): oak tree, maple tree and many exotic wooden surfaces. Looking for something interesting for your bedroom, you may use cherry tree. Pay attention to wood hygroscopicity that means changing wood characteristics by changing climate facilities, like temperature and wetness. Never use pear tree, maple and some exotic trees for kitchen, balcony and cottage houses, where you cannot keep the stable climatic regime.

Actually, the question of using wooden floor for rooms with the different wet conditions is hot as never before. People want to use solid hardwood floor for kitchen, bathroom, around the swimming pool territory. There is no way to speak about boring technical details, but the opportunities are wide. You may use teak floor and never afraid of wetness. Of course, you cannot take the teak block of wood and make boards of it. The boards must be specially prepared.

The floor is one of the most important interior elements in your house that make your room special, moody and colorful. The floor surfaces made of natural wood are impressive. If you like things that are always up to date, you should use massive solid hardwood floor. This is a great chance to make new fresh interior that is always of great current interest.

Engineered hardwood

Engineered Hardwood

Do you think of choosing right floor material for your house? What do you know about engineered hardwood? What is the difference between engineered wooden floor and other wooden floor materials? It is time to make everything clear to find out all pluses and minuses.

Wood is one of the most preferable materials for making floor. The modern world is mostly made of synthetic materials to be easy to use and clean. Thus, people try to employ natural materials in their life. Natural materials are considered to be the healthy and attractive for house building. There is nothing to be better! Science new technologies think of improving wooden materials to make them live longer. It is possible to create new improved products by combining everything the best from the modern civilization.

Engineered hardwood is one of those amazing materials that you can buy at any professional shop. This is a new interesting decision that is especially attractive for everyone who likes high quality, comfort and good appearance. Of course, it is all about the engineered hardwood. The history of wooden floor is interesting. It was masterfully combined all qualities that are characterized for wooden floor and modern design. What is the secret of it? Why do you want to buy wooden floor? You can easily answer these questions from the article below.

The Real Nature of Engineered Hardwood

Let us start from the position that engineered hardwood is usually called two-layer or three-layer wood, depending on its structure. Thus, engineering board consists of many layers. The lower layer is solid high-density plywood or other wooden material. So, there is no need to put additional plywood layer on the floor. There is plywood in the board structure. The engineered floor must be fixed by special glue.

The engineered hardwood looks like massive wooden floor by material. The floor looks elegant, attractive for all interior materials. Speaking about strength, engineered wooden floor is much better and reliable than massive wood floor or parquet floor because of additional plywood layer in the bottom.

Two-Layer Engineered Hardwood

The face layer – natural wood of 4-10 millimeters thick

Stabilizer layer – multilayered plywood of 11-15 millimeters thick

The second layer is not solid by structure. Moreover, it is organized to make engineered floor hard and strong floor covering. Its main principle is: multilayered plywood that is made of modern polymers consists of 7 or more thin layers situated perpendicular to each other.

Three-Layer Engineered Hardwood

Three-layer boards are usually called engineering massive wood because it consists of three layers of natural wood.

The face layer – oak

The medium layer is natural wooden layer

The lower layer is also natural wooden layer

The construction principles of engineered hardwood are almost similar to two-layer boards. It means that medium layer is situated perpendicular to the upper layer. All layers are pasted to each other. Traditionally, the engineered board is 15-25 millimeters thick, 500-300 millimeters long and 60-250 millimeters wide.

Why Do You Choose Engineered Hardwood?

To answer this question you have to compare engineered wooden floor and other variants. Actually, it is classified as the type of parquet wooden floor. So, it must be compared by characteristics just with massive wooden boards and parquet boards. As it was described before, engineered board consists of two or three wooden layers. Parquet is usually made of OSB and wooden layer on the top. The parquet face layer is 0,4 centimeters thick. The face layer of engineered board is 1 centimeter. It is very important fact to consider while restoring or renewing the top layer of your wooden floor.

Engineered Hardwood FloorEngineered Hardwood Advantages

The main advantage of engineered floor of two or three layer is easiness to use. You do not need to put the ground layer (under floor layer) under the boards. This is a great chance to save your money.

The engineered floor is stable material. It does not react to high wetness and up-down temperature. You can find many different stories about engineered wooden floor. If the room were watered, the floor was in a good condition without any deformations. Is not it a great new? In short, engineered floor is really very hard and strong. Of course, this is not a budget variant. Nevertheless, engineered wooden floor, two or three layered, is easy to use and easy to take care of. It is enough to lacquer it.

The engineered floor is the best decision for your house as you can do monolithic floor in every room. You do not need to put carpet stripes. If you need to сross the wooden floor with tiles or other floor material it is enough to use cork balance tabs.

The engineered boards are different by sizes. This is a good choice. You can find that particular board for your concrete room. Unlike parquet boards or massive wooden boards, engineered floor give you wide opportunities to make your floor special. Thus, you can choose floor not only by size, but texture, color, tone. For example, thin engineered boards are perfect for under floor heating. Think about it!

The engineered floor and massive wooden floor look exactly the same. Just specialists can differ them. Moreover, you should consult specialist to choose what kind of floor is the most attractive for your house. So, your floor looks stylish and reliable.

Is There Something Stronger?

So, most important advantage of the engineered floor is its strength. This quality is important for many clients. You should know that engineered floor is much stronger than massive hardwood and parquet boards. You may ask to anyone or google to find the professional opinion: engineered boards are the strongest wooden materials.

Have you any doubts? You may make an experiment. Try to break the massive board, parquet board and engineered wooden board. Of course, the first material you broke was parquet. Massive wood holds the next position. What about the engineered hardwood? Is it possible to break it? You should try to realize that your floor has to be not only stylish and good-looking, but comfortable, safe and long-living.


What do you know about laminate? Oh, laminate floor covering became popular. It is cheap and easy to use. Nevertheless, laminate is highly competitive with other floor coverings, including hardwood parquet. As you know the price for parquet is dozens time higher than laminate. In short, this information is not new or secret. It would be better to speak about the laminate history.

New oak parquet of different colors
New oak parquet of different colors

History of Laminate

The history of laminate is very interesting. The Swiss company Perstorp offered to buy their laminated panels for sale in 1977. They were offered to use in form of floor covering. As the result of that experiment, laminate succeed in the building market. Perstorp started producing laminated material under the brand of Pergo. European market met laminate floor just in 1984. American market started using laminated floor is 1994. Of course, there were many differences. The boards were firstly glued during the process of montage.

Composing Rules

In short, the word laminate means layered material. Actually, laminate is multilayered floored covering. The upper layer is the main cover. It is predicted to protect the floor from the outer influence to be the clear membrane made of melamine synthetic resin.

The next layer is a picture of your floor. It may be not only the wooden structure but stone, tile, colored laminate, decorated with interesting pictures for kids. Everything depends on your wishes. The third layer is compressed wood. It is hard and water resistant. As a rule, the layer is 8-12 millimeters. The lower layer is stabilizing layer. It usually protects your floor from water, temperature and deformation. Nevertheless, buyers know nothing about laminate structure. They think of two important criteria: price and appearance. There are many people, who cannot see difference between cheap and expensive laminate. It can be harmful and dangerous for health.

Where to Start, Choosing Laminate?

The first thing you should do, choosing the good laminate for your house, is find a good reliable partner – company that is ready to sell laminate for you. As a rule, such companies have their official web sites, where you can find all necessary information about producer, address, contacts, guarantee and other proposals. Do not believe to big phrases like the best covering, high technology or made by great masters. You should believe facts, documents, official proposals and positive feedbacks. If you want, you can ask for consultation first to learn everything about the laminated floor and partner-company.

What Is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Laminate?

Have you ever tried to find the difference between two types of laminate of different price? They look similarly adequate. The difference is huge! You know it is like comparing plastic and fresh fruits. The laminate floor is popular covering that is actively produced for 30 years. The producing of laminated boards are checked and controlled by European norms EN 13329 and EN 14041. These world standards give you a guarantee that you buy high quality product. The world standards are also a guarantee of ecologic, physical, industrial safety of your floor. The guarantee term for modern laminate in Europe is more than 10 years. The glorious producers try to create different designs, forms, assortment and service.

Laminated Surfaces

The structure of laminate floor is very important to make a good impression of your floor. You know, it is really difficult to find differences between wooden floor and laminated cover. The surfaces are similarly the same.

Laminate Floor

Laminate is a perfect covering for allergists. It is not a secret but natural laminated floor is useful for health. If your family like clean floor and purity everywhere around, you should use laminated floor. This is a covering of advanced cleanness and comfort. The high class covering is absolutely safe, free from dangerous chemicals. It can be affirmed that modern laminate is a base of your healthy life. Breathe to the full! Laminated surface stops harmful microorganisms from increasing and damaging. They cannot feed and live in your floor to make your home safe.

Are you afraid that laminated floor is difficult to take care of? Pay attention to the newest laminated brands. They give no way to dust and dirt. You can clean it easily. It is enough to use wet dust and let you floor shine like a new.

Laminate floor is natural material. It is great that it looks natural. Your floor is absolutely ecologic, produced according to the newest technologies. It is made of 90% of wood. What kind of wood is usually used for laminated floor? The wood is ecologic clean and affirmed by PEFC and FSC certificates. High quality laminated surfaces is characterized with quality and high ecologic standards. Your floor is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, excluding harm and damage to people health.

Cleaning Secrets

 Finally, it is very important to clean and take care of your floor. Do you think that laminated surfaces are difficult to clean? Of course, it is better to use laminate in dry aired rooms. You can use it for bedroom, kitchen, living room or hall. It is not recommended to use laminate for toilet and bathroom. It is afraid of slack water. What are the right cleaning measures for your floor? Everything is simple.

You may use vacuum cleaner every day and wet dust once or twice a week. Never use strong chemicals and much water. Right cleaning measures help your floor to live for ages. Of course, it is not for ages, but for 6-10 years for sure. If you are ok by chatting online, you may learn many interesting things about laminate from experienced users. Remember, not all of them are right. Follow the instructions wisely.

Thus, choosing the right floor for your home, think about laminated materials. You can find a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is cheaper than wooden floor. Nevertheless, there are many modern companies that produce laminated floor of high quality and original design. It is not really cheap! Who needs laminate? Of you want your floor looks elegant, original and attractive, you need laminate. If you need to get natural floor of original design and ecologic nature, think of laminated materials.