Why Hire Professional Flooring Contractor

So, the question is: DIY (Do It Yourself) or hire a pro? It is time to decide as far as DIY projects are highly popular. People try to make their own mistakes. That’s good but not about such serious and responsible task as constructing a floor. How to decide on the right installation for your project?

Why Hire Professional Flooring ContractorYou have that great new floor picked out. You are wondering: should I tackle the installation myself or hire professional flooring contractor? Here are 4 more questions to ask yourself before you decide which way to go. They are helpful if you can answer them honestly. Successful DIY projects give you satisfaction and bragging rights. And, of course, they can help you save money by doing the work yourself. For small flooring projects like bathrooms or laundry rooms, DIY may be the right way to go, especially if you have a little experience in floor constructing. Nevertheless, for many flooring installations, the best advice is calling professional flooring contractors, the best in your region.

So, the questions that you ask yourself to decide finally:

  1. What is your real DIY experience level?

If you are a professional DIYer, then you are probably already familiar with basic tools, materials and how to use them. That is a good start for a new flooring installation. But even experienced DIYers can run into stumbling blocks that test their skills, and eat up time and money. It can be helpful to review your skills, because the result of your work much depends on the floor type. So, how can you honestly call your experience in floor constructing, Beginner or Advanced?

  1. Is your flooring installation project easy to do or not really?

What makes the process of floor installation difficult? If you have a large room with architectural features, tricky cuts, uneven subfloors, unusually shaped rooms, patterning, you cannot use your DIY skills. These kinds of installation challenges are best left to the efficient skills of a pro flooring contractor. They know the tips and tricks to get the job done quickly with professional-looking results. Their work is fast and always professional.

  1. Do you need peace of mind and patience?

A proper installation is critical to creating the look you want and making sure it stays that way for years to come. Certified flooring contractors as Quality Floors 4 Less and other similar to them has already proven their expertise. They have undergone a series of hands-on tests and written exams to prove their knowledge and skills. They always care of what they do and insured all possible work-related damages.

  1. Are you free in time to do the installation yourself?

The time involved with researching flooring options, shopping and physical labor can add up fast. If you prefer to minimize disruption to your home and lifestyle, hire professional flooring contractor. They will take all possible steps to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible, so you can start enjoying your new floor without delay. They’ll also walk you through the maintenance requirements after installation.

Main Reasons Why You Need to Hire Professional Flooring Contractor

Help in Making Crucial Decisions

Installation of wood floors comes with lots of tough choices to make. Today, there are several wood flooring options available on the market compared to previous years and the number can be mind boggling. To have the process of installation successfully done, you have to consider lots of crucial facts. Wood Flooring Specialists will help the house owner make sense of all the choices available in the market to ensure he or she comes up with the best plan that will suit his or her needs.

Durable Results

When you contract a reputable wood floor installation contractor to get the job done, be sure of getting durable results since proper wood floor installation is important in helping you get the most out of your floors. These specialists will ensure they use their experience to deliver a sturdy, smooth and safe wood installation. Only the properly installed wood floors will be capable of adding style and charm to your room, increasing the value and overall appearance of your house. You should always look to hire professional flooring contractor to handle this type of job as floor constructing process brookes no contradictions.

Helps in saving time

It is not a secret that professional work is better than amateur attempts. It does not matter what type of flooring you need to install. Any flooring installation will always take time. Most of the professional contractors are known to have years of experience they can use to ensure wood floor installation is done quickly and effectively.

Hire Professional Flooring ContractorHelp in Disposing the Old Floor

Have you ever thought what you will do with the old floor once you have installed your new floor? Most of the unprofessional wood flooring installers will never help in the cleanup aspect of the project. However, your professional wood flooring contractor will not only ensure they have correctly installed a high quality floor but will also help in disposing the old floor and waste materials with ease.

Professional Expertise

It is hard for the inexperienced and unprofessional floor installers to install a wood floor perfectly and apply the finish evenly. Most house rooms are not evenly shaped making it difficult for the inexperienced floor installers to correctly do wood flooring. However, the professional flooring contractor have got the skills and experience to help navigate the tough areas and angles and have the right tools that will ensure perfect installation of wood floors. What is more, never forget about professional materials that you cannot get from the store if you are not a professional. You cannot even name what is what!

Use of Quality Materials

The overall feel and look of your wood floors will depend on the type of wood you choose. It will be not bad to have a professional look even when you are choosing the type of floor. It is not only about the floor color, right? So, choosing a low quality wood will result in issues such as warps, splinters, fade, within a short period after installation. However, with the help of professional flooring contractors, you can select the best wood for your house floor based on factors such as environmental conditions and climate. When you hire professional flooring contractor, it will help in providing great results whether you are in need of a completely new flooring installation or a wood flooring repair.

Why Choose Reno Hardwood, Engineered & Laminate Flooring Certified Installer?

There was a lot to be said for the confidence gained after a successful DIY project. But some flooring installations are just not as easy as you might think. When in doubt, it is better to hire professional flooring contractor instead of doing it yourself. Again, it is also important to hire the flooring company that attracts you not only in pricing but work quality. Reno Hardwood Store is the best in your region. Trust them and your installation will be done efficiently and correctly, start to finish, by a knowledgeable and experienced professional – giving you the freedom to relax and enjoy your beautiful new floor for years to come.


Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring You Should KnowYou are here because you want to have the laminate floor in you place. This kind of floor was not the best of the best reputation floor covering. From the other hand, it is easy to lay and looks very attractive. So, what are the pros and cons of laminate flooring?

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring



Laminated floor is easy to lay out. Everyone knows that. It is really fast. You can lay the area of 300 square feet for one weekend. Of course, the old types of laminated materials needed to be fixed with one another with the help of glue. Everything is different now. Today, the laminated floor designed in special way to lay it with no glue. It is like doing puzzle. It is very easy as the boards are made of soft wood.


Of course, modern laminate makes it easy to lay. If you buy the materials of low quality, the laminated locks do not work in proper way. It makes the floor hurtable to water and heavy weight influence.



The laminated floor is very easy to clean. Just use mop or wet dust to wash it and dry. It needs no wax.


Heavy water penetrates the locks of the laminate to damage it. So, laminated floor needs no water but special cleaning shampoo.



Laminate flooring is good to lay in the dry environment. It is also attractive for using it in such wet rooms as kitchen, corridor, hall. As far as your floor is fixed in proper way, the locks are reliable protection from moisture.


Nevertheless, laminated floor does not like slack water. It can happen in kitchen, bathroom, anywhere. Pay attention that it is better to use ceramic or vinyl piles for rooms of such a type.



Unlike wooden floor, laminated covering is difficult to hurt or crack. The upper layer is very hard. It is protective for spots, watering, and mechanic damages. Never be afraid to damage your floor with the dirty spots and stains. They are easy to clean.


If the laminated floor is damaged with one or another way, cracked or spoiled, you cannot repair it but replace.



As far as laminated floor has covering layer, it is hard and multifunctional. It helps you to use floor and feel comfortable at that. It is not slippery in the bathroom and at the fire place.


Traditionally, laminated floor is slippery. This problem must be fixed with the latest time.



The laminated floor looks like the natural wooden cover. The choice is wide. You may choose the laminated boards with interesting even exotic designs.


If you lay laminated floor incorrectly, the cover design looks strange.

Maybe have you your own opinion as for above pros and cons of laminate flooring?

Pros and Cons of Laminate FlooringReasons Why You Like Laminated Floor

Of course there are many pros and cons of laminate flooring, but more and more people like it. Why?

  •  Quick montage

It is real to finish the room in a day. As it was said before, laminated floor is like a puzzle. You should fix one piece to another with the help of special locks. It is very important to use no glue or other liquids for montage. The laminated boards are light and soft to cut according to your needs with the help of special knife.

  • Do-It-Yourself Floor

Of course, comparing laminated floor with other kinds of flooring, this is the most attractive one for do-it-yourself. If you know a little about flooring types and montage, you can lay in your room.

The main thing is making the under floor level straight. You will not meet other difficulties.

  • You Can Make the Floor of Below Ground Level

Of course, this is not the main laminate characteristic. Nevertheless, you can lay your laminate flooring of below ground level if you need it. Never forget about the vapor-proof barrier. It is better not to laminate floor in the places of high moisture like bathroom or toilet, washing room. You may easily use laminated covering for kitchen, hall.

Some other Advantages

  • Quick Demounting

NALFA (North American Association of Laminated Floors) is a company that is responsible for laminated floor quality. They check the floor from different producers. You may easily lay the floor and – demount it. All you need is demounting skirtboards and take your floor into pieces as a big puzzle picture. It is very convenient and very fast if you want to replace the floor pieces or renew it.

  • Strong and Solid Floor

You think that laminated cover is damaged and too soft to use it for your floor. You are wrong. Never forget that even wooden floor has big problems. So, the laminated boards are as good and reliable as hardwood boards as they are made of pressed materials like a big layered pie. So, you can crack hardwood flooring and ceramic pile easily. The engineering wooden boards are solid and stable but not good in use. All kinds of floor have its advantages and disadvantages. Choose what you like.

  • Easy to Clean and Support

The laminated floor must be smooth and solid if it is done correctly. The easiest way to clean this kind of floor is Swiffer Wet Jet. You may use wet mop or dry cleaning, as you wish. Never forget that laminated floor does not like water.

Nice Design

The laminated floor is good in design. You may find the floor of different designs to look like different materials: wood, stone, ceramics, something exotic. The boards are different colors that makes laminated floor very attractive to use for different interiors. What kind of wood do you prefer? You may choose cherry tree, oak tree or birch or instead choose the floor that looks like the redwood. More sizes available: the standard laminated size is 3.5″. You may find 7 3/4 “.

Want more proves? Pressing is the best technology to produce high quality floor for everyday use. The pros and cons of laminate flooring are different for different users. Why do you need to lay the floor of this type? Share you information, please.


Flooring is a vital aspect to consider when decorating a home, a rental property or an office. When it comes to decide on the best materials to use based on their properties and intended applications. Very important to be properly guided when looking for quality floor covering products to avoid potential hustle, disappointment and waste of money and time caused by 2nd and liquidation grade materials. “You get what you pay for” is true in flooring as in anything else, if you expect your floors to last for more than just a few years.

We are talking about most needs which is the suitable flooring to get each room properly decorated, while maintaining its structural integrity and intended usage. There are several options to choose from. You have to make proper inquiries before taking any serious decision and are several considerations you have to make. Given below are vital tips to help you out:

Flooring Rooms Recommend Steps

Consider the room you wish to cover

Consider the kind of room or section you wish to decorate when searching for suitable flooring. There are different kinds of floor covering meant for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. There are also suitable solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, verandas, stairs and hallways. You have to spend time to make a good choice.

Consider the level of foot traffic

The level of foot traffic that comes into the rooms or sections matters a lot when choosing floor covering. For instance, the foyers, living rooms, stairs and hallways attract higher level of foot traffic. It’s recommended to use hard materials like tile, wood or laminate in such areas. If you have dogs  that weigh over 75 pounds- consider laminate as it is much denser than wood and can tolerate high heals and dog claws with ease. Kitchens attract dirt, stains, water and food spillage. You should consider using ceramic or porcelain tile or linoleum. Porcelain tile is very much stronger than ceramic or natural stone- it will resist cracking much better. Linoleum is a healthier alternative to synthetic Vinyl (PVC), according to some independent researchers. Bedrooms attract low foot traffic. You can consider using a rug or carpet there. Natural carpets and rugs made of wool, sisal, hemp or other renewable resource leave a much smaller footprint if any, and contain no synthetic ingredients that are harmful to living cells. Bathrooms and laundry rooms require tile or linoleum since they are prone to water spillage and stains on regular basis. Cleaning and Sealing the Grout lines annually prevents cracking of grout and a loss of water resistance.

Consider your location

Some wood species like Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Bamboo and other “exotics” come from very humid places and therefore should never be installed in dry climate areas like Nevada, Arizona, Utah, etc., unless there is a humidifier available to keep the relative humidity at 40-70% throughout the lifetime of those materials.

Other Engineered Hardwoods are made using a “pine-planking” core that will expand and shrink drastically in dry or very humid climates, when “cold-pressed plywood” core will perform with no issues and visible changes.

Consider construction of materials

Think about on how and what the proposed materials are made from. Bamboo is Grass, therefore it requires massive amounts of petroleum-based glues and epoxies to make it harder and to hold it together. Engineered Hardwood requires 3-5 times less that of the expensive and hard to grow/get wood species, and is also based on pine or birch plywood, mostly made of sustainable harvested and re-planted, fast growing timber.

Remember Vinyl (PVC) and Carpets are made of petroleum by-products thus containing hundreds if not thousands of harmful chemicals that  should never be put in contact with people, animals and especially new-borns. They utilize enormous amounts of energy and water in their production and take hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose.

Consider the location of the room

The location of the room matters a lot. Inner rooms don’t attract much stains and foot traffic. They may not require heavy covering materials. Rooms that are close to the kitchen, hallways and stairs may require heavy coverings since they will be attracting much stains and foot traffic.

Consider the home décor

Also, remember to consider choosing flooring before the rest of the decor such as color of the curtains, blinds, furniture and other decorative items in a home because quality floors are designed to last for over 25 years and they will cover an entire house- you may change the decor several times before you need to re-do your floors, so they might as well be chosen first, then bringing  the rest of the house to them as your mood strikes you.

Consider the people in the home

If some people have allergies, you have to take that into consideration before choosing any kind of surface. Such individuals may get sick when they stay in rooms covered with synthetic carpets and rugs. They will continue to suffer allergies that will emanate from the dust, dirt, cleaning products and traces of other chemicals brought in on shoes and pets. You can consider using tile, wood or laminate for the room since they are often very easy to clean and trap no dirt and dust.

Take proper measurement

Before you think of buying any flooring product, you need to have the full measurement of the rooms and other areas you wish to cover. You can also take pictures of the rooms and may be asked to provide such details when you meet with the right dealer.

In all, you have to purchase the best flooring from a reliable supplier. Look for a dealer that markets quality products. You can be sure of changing the appearance of your home when you use the right materials.

If all the above are too much for you then just consider hiring a Pro

Hiring a professional installer should be considered if your skills are that of a beginner, as some forms of flooring require special skills and tools. If you are confident in your ability to handle the task, ask for tips from the supplier of your choice, as they should know their product and its uniqueness and should be happy to share tricks and tips to make your job easier, faster and safer.