Cleaning House Carpet with Pets

How to keep your house clean with pets? What a popular question!

Of course you love your furry family members! Is it possible cleaning house carpet with pets? It can be rather difficult to have dogs and cats and keep your house clean and healthy. Don’t worry about it! There are a few simple steps to manage everything. All you need to do is learn a few tricks, put in some regular effort, and stick to the routine. Read the article carefully and at the end you’ll see the way out.


Fur: It’s not difficult to brush your cat or dog every day. Typically animals love this and it helps you bond with your pet, a win-win! You’ll be surprised at how helpful it is! Spending five minutes brushing your pet will cut down on the hair that floats around your home. Daily brushing also gets rid of dead skin and you’ll notice that your pet looks and smells better after. So, you probably need to buy a brush if you don’t have it yet!

Specific Odors: Put a fabric softener sheet in your favorite scent under the sofa or chair cushions where your pet likes to hang out.

Dirt: Cleaning house carpet with pets is impossible without placing mats at both the outside and inside of every door. Why? It will cut down the dirt that their paws track inside the house. Make sure these mats are washable so you can throw them in the wash as needed.

It would be also useful to coat surfaces in dark paint. Obviously, the best thing you can do for your kitchen is to paint all your lower cabinets in Gloss Black! Dark paint does an excellent job of hiding smears from wet noses and mud from wagging tails. It is easy to wipe down. You can take the paint to cabinets and walls in other areas of the house, too.

Emergency clean-up kit: To avoid messes getting out of hand, keep the following must-haves handy: a bucket with spray stain removers, rags, paper towels, and disposable disinfectant wipes. It often happens that you have no time for professional cleaning right now, so, the clean-up kit is needed for cleaning house carpet with pets!


Regular vacuuming: Pets will always shed, so it is important to vacuum often. If it’s just you and one pet, you can get away with vacuuming once or twice a week. But, for every other person and pet you should add another vacuum to the routine. If you have a big family and more than one pet, it is recommended to vacuum your carpet every day. Don’t worry! It doesn’t take much time! To save time you can also swiffer wood surfaces and minimize time that your pets spend in carpeted rooms.

Professional carpet and rug cleaning: Between routine cleanings it’s important to give your carpets a deep clean. Can you do it on your own? Don’t think so! You are not going to take professional cleaning equipment for rent, aren’t you? Pet dander, hair, mites, etc. in bed deeply into the fibers of your rugs and carpets. If you are prone to allergies, it’s even more important to invest in a carpet cleaning at least once or twice a year. Just call for the cleaning company and spend a couple of hours for walking with your pets while professional cleaners are cleaning your house carefully.

Fur busting tools: Run a rubber or latex glove over carpets, rugs, furniture, etc. to collect pet hair quickly. Lint rollers are also a must to have on hand to collect hair in a hurry.

Odors: Baking soda is natural ingredient that gets rid of pet odors without any toxic concerns. Sprinkle on carpets, couches, pet beds, etc. Let sit for a couple of hours and vacuum up. You’ll notice the difference of your fresh smelling home. You can also make a baking soda and water spray and mist the air or fabrics easily. Spraying vinegar into the air is another way to beat pet odors. Of course, it doesn’t sound professionally. This method is good to use regularly but professional cleaning is recommended.

Cleaning products you need for your floor: Always clean up pet messes right away, and when choosing a cleaner, make sure to use those that are non-toxic for animals. Pets are very sensitive! So, you need a cleaner that stores only safe formulas for pets, but you can also make your own cleaners from baking soda and vinegar that are safe. You can find the recipes of a few DIY cleaners in the web. They are non-toxic for cats and dogs. Remember to never use ammonia to clean, as it’s is similar to the scent of animal urine, which can send mixed signals to your pet.

Removing stains: It is impossible to have pets without stains! A big part of cleaning house carpets with pets goes for removing stains. If your pet has accidentally made a mess on your floor, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Have you ever tried adding some shaving cream to your cleaning kit? You could spend a ton trying out every last “miracle” pet stain product, but shaving cream works best, even on the toughest stains such as dog vomit and cat pee. Make sure to use foam, not gel! Simply spray the stain, let it sit and foam for a minute, and then wipe with warm water.

You have dogs and cats. You also have carpet. Sometimes these two things don’t go together very well, especially when messy dogs stain your carpet. There are many tips to follow. But if you want to start, remember this: CLEAN PETS=CLEAN CARPETS. This is where to start. Bathing your dogs regularly can keep that dog smell out of your carpets. Keeping up with brushing avoids clumps of hair all over the house as well. All the rest leave for professionals! These prevention tips and cleaning tactics should make your home feel as clean as it was before you added your furry family members.

Vacuum Cleaning and Floor Care

Vacuum CleaningIt would seem that there is nothing difficult to take care of the floor and keep it clean. There are a vacuum cleaner and a mop in every house. It is necessary to use them more often, and the floor will always be clean. But such opinion is wrong. Floors made of different materials require different treatment. Therefore, to ensure the beauty of the floor, it is necessary to know what the cleaning and care are suitable for flooring in your apartment, and follow these rules.

Vacuum cleaners for dry and wet floor cleaning

A vacuum cleaner as the home appliance is a vivid illustration of technical progress. The first vacuum cleaners had a gasoline engine, and they were transported on carts pulled by horses. Modern vacuum cleaner is a compact and convenient device. There are several types of this equipment for dry or wet cleaning, for smooth or hairy flooring. The most common type of vacuum cleaner is a device intended for dry cleaning. Inside such cleaner there is a dust bag. Sucked air passes through it and, purified, comes out. A variety of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning are the cyclone type machines. Precipitation of dust within these devices happens under the influence of centrifugal force.

Some models of vacuum cleaners designed only for wet cleaning. But the most universal ones are combined type machines: washing vacuum cleaners with dry cleaning function. Combined type has inside the water tank and the intake air filter system.

Among the different types of filters that manufacturers equip their vacuum cleaners the most perfect is aqua-filter. Instead of bags or containers inside the machine set a water tank for dust collection. In the process of cleaning the collected dust sets in tank water, and purified and humidified air flows out. Such system helps not only to collect the garbage, but also to struggle with harmful bacteria and allergens.

Vacuum cleaning and floor care for parquet

It’s hard to find more beautiful, reliable and durable floor covering than the parquet. However, the parquet will adorn the interior over the years only if the owners will be able to properly care for parquet and clean it. Good nozzle on the vacuum cleaner for parquet should be covered with special soft materials that will not left on the surface of the floor even micro-cracks during the cleaning. Such qualities have, for example, felt and camel hair. Many models of cleaners for parquet have silicone rotating elements. Due to them during the operation of vacuum cleaning, the device easily manoeuvred over a floor surface without damaging it.

The abundance of water is contraindicated for the parquet, because moisture penetrates into the pores of the wood, destroying its structure from the inside. Given this, is it possible to clean the parquet with wet vacuum cleaner? Some models of vacuum cleaners are suitable for this. In such devices the nozzle only slightly moistened to remove dust, but without causing a lot of moisture on the parquet.

Even high-quality vacuum cleaner for parquet is not recommended to use too often. For daily cleanings better to use dry vacuum cleaning and other methods of removing contaminants (such as floor cleaning with dry wipes). Another good tool for secure and gentle removal of dirt is horsehair brush, the structure of which can not harm even the most delicate surfaces.

Features of laminate cleaning

Laminate is one of the most popular floor coverings. The surface of the laminate does not absorb dust and dirt, so for normal cleaning it’s enough to clean the floor thoroughly with the conventional vacuum cleaner. Also the laminate has antistatic properties and does not attract a dust.

The water has an adverse effect on the laminate. Under the influence of moisture it can warp, and the fixing locks can diverge. Nevertheless, there are vacuum cleaners intended for washing the laminate. Such devices have a high absorption power, they spray the washing fluid in a minimum amount, resulting in only a slight moistening of the floor surface, and they have convenient nozzles.

Laminate can be cleaned with a damp cloth moistened with warm water, but after that, it is necessary immediately wipe dry the floor. Do not use detergents containing abrasive elements, acids or alkalis. Also it is impossible to clean laminate with metal brushes.

If the stain of a dye or ink has been formed on the laminate, it’s recommended to use acetone solvent. To remove stain, moisten a soft (non-synthetic) cloth with a solvent and apply it on the stain. After 1-2 minutes, wipe it with a soft cloth, and a stain will be removed.

Vacuum Cleaning and Floor CareCare of other types of flooring

Linoleum is flooring, which is not afraid of wet cleaning. For its flooring you can use a wet vacuum cleaning. If linoleum cleans with the help of a mop, it can’t be done with hot water. Hot water can cause warping of linoleum. You also must not allow soda or ammonia to contact with linoleum. As for spots on linoleum, they can be removed by kerosene or gasoline.

Tiled floor can be cleaned with water, but not with abrasive powders. Dirty seams between tiles can be cleaned with an ordinary brush.

One of the popular materials for the flooring is cork. Cork floors are beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly. This type of flooring can be vacuumed, cleaned with a damp cloth, wash with detergent. To wash the corks best suited soft detergent compositions not containing aggressive components and solvents. Hard brushes, abrasive cleaners or metal scrapers are not suitable, as they can damage the surface of corks, leaving scratches. To remove stains from the surface of the cork floor, you can process it with fine grit sandpaper, and if after that the floor will have minor defects, they can easily be hidden by the wax or varnish.

Professional floor care

Many people think that the care of floor coverings is easy to perform on their own. Why should you entrust vacuum cleaning and floor care to professionals?

Professional care of floors includes not only vacuum cleaning, but also measures aimed at extending the life of floors and enhances their appearance. Some types of floors with heavy soiling can be cleaned with a rotary machine and a wet vacuum. This is a deep professional cleaning, which has much higher efficiency than the normal cleaning and washing. Also available dry-cleaning of floors, it is aimed at removing of severe stain, dirt, cement and lime deposits. After cleaning, such floors as parquet, linoleum, tiles, natural stone are polishing to a shine to remove detergent stains. In addition, the floors can covered by special polymer coating, which greatly facilitates the daily care of the floor and protect it from dirt and damage. This greatly improves the appearance of different types of floors and extends their service life.

By contacting to the services of our company, you can get a professional care for the floor of your house or apartment, and it will provide an attractive appearance and durability of the floor covering.

After studying the rules of care for the type of flooring that you have in your house, you can successfully keep it clean and ensure its good looks. But the most quality results can be achieved if the floor will be cared professionally. It can be provided by specialists of our company.