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With so many options at your disposal, you can go for laminate, hardwood, wool carpets and rugs, linoleum, tile and other suitable solutions. You have to consider the purpose of the rooms and other sections of the home before making your choice.

If you’re thinking of decorating the surfaces of rooms and other areas of your home, there are premium flooring options you’ve got to consider. You need to choose the best options that will suit an entire building as well. You have to consider the sizes and use of those areas, as well as the colors of walls and furniture before you choose a suitable covering. Given below are some of the options to go for.

Laminate (“pergo”) Flooring

This is one of the most wallet-friendly solutions meant for homes and offices. It’s often made from recycled pressed paper/cardboard and comes with many unique features like colors, textures and distressed options. Known to be very affordable, laminate flooring is scratch, dent and fire- resistant and is very easy to clean. It doesn’t accumulate dirt since the surface is always sealed. Laminates range in thickness from 6mm (1/4″) to 12mm (1/2″) which is actually a most vital part of performance: thin products have weak locking systems while thick laminates have a much stronger locking which does not separate as easy. Also, thick laminates tend to look and sound much better than their thin, cheap counterparts.

Solid Hardwood

Hardwood is a premium flooring solution that can be used for homes or businesses. It’s often made of timber and factory applied UV-cured Oxide finishes that are designed to withstand traffic for 35-50 years. It comes in diverse species such as hickory, ash, cherry, oak, maple and so on. It’s known to be very durable and in most cases can outlive the house. There are cheap “Green-Cut” products from chain-stores that were never dried before milling: the product is basically drying on the way to you… then, there are premium Kiln-Dried products that are slowly dried for several months before hitting the mill to kill insect eggs and prevent splitting, cracking, bowing, twisting and unequal drying which results in different sizes of the finished product width-wise: gaps.

Engineered Hardwood

This is a typical hardwood covering material. Premium products are made of plywood as a core, a layer of real hardwood and a high quality protective finish. The price is often higher than of laminate products but lower than that of Solid hardwoods. Overall, engineered hardwood is known to be very stable and durable, provided that it is made of Cold-Pressed Plywood and NOT the Glued-together-Planks or Fiberboard  as the later two have NO stability whatsoever which will result in gaps, cracks and squeaks within a year or two! Factory-finished Engineered Hardwood is easier to install by a novice as it is always perfectly straight, and it doesn’t require painting, oiling or varnishing.

How to Choose the Best Flooring Option

The kind of premium covering you go for depends on a number of factors: you have to consider the purpose of the rooms involved and their proposed usage. You can use any of the materials to decorate living rooms, halls, stairs, bedrooms and dining rooms; however they may not be suitable for wet locations or areas prone to spillage or dirt like full bathrooms, laundry rooms and mud-rooms or foyers. Linoleum or Tile should be considered for such areas instead.

Meanwhile, the level of foot traffic in the rooms and other sections matters a lot. You can use simpler flooring materials in bedrooms since they attract low foot traffic. Using heavier-grade coverings for kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, living rooms and hallways because they attract and will have to endure a heavy level of foot traffic should be considered.

In all, you still need to make further inquiries when looking for the best flooring: consult a reliable professional flooring outlet or installer for further assistance. Try avoiding Chain-Stores completely, as they employ inexperienced Sales Personnel with Minimum amount of knowledge and skills of the actual Trade they know nothing about. You should also consider purchasing the products from a reliable dealer that specializes in flooring versus home improvement stores that specialize in selling cheap crap that creates repeating customers.


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