Reno Tile Stores: Pay Less for Tile Online

It can suddenly happen that the price for tiles for your bathroom or kitchen is too much higher than you supposed to pay. It can be twice higher! You can easily shop online! Thus, it is enough to find the good shop, the best of Reno tile stores and follow its page in the internet. You will be surprised with the variety of choice and the difference in prices. You may follow the advices to get better choice.

Reno Tile Stores

Subway tiles is classic tiles that are used to decorate bathrooms, kitchens, etc. So, the white tiles 3 х 6 usually costs about 1,69 USD for square foot. The price can be higher up to 3,77 USD. The difference is colossal. Check the prices for the moment of shopping.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

The porcelain tile looks beautiful. It sounds also beautiful. It is considered to be more prestigious than the ceramic tile samples. What about the price? Wow! Do you want to lay the tiles in your bathroom? May be it is better to use ceramic variant? The ceramic tiles are also high quality. You can get the high quality product for cheaper price. Of course, there is a difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles. To be porcelain, the tiles must be water resistant but able to absorb water.

Do Not Buy Simple Stuff at Fancy Places

Why do you usually buy tiles from the ritzy showrooms and specialized shops but not from the discount stores? The main reason is not the tiles quality but creativeness. Nevertheless, if you want to lay the tiles in the bathroom floor, there is no need to overpay to be creative. Maybe, it will be better to visit one of Reno tile stores.

Get Your Purchase Right (Never, Ever Return Tiles)

Amazon and Zappos are helpful to make returns. Tiles situation is different. Even if the company-producer is ready to get your unpacked return during 30 days, you are not ready to pay for it about 300 pounds. There are no free returns as far as you have to pay for money and goods delivery.

The Best Reno Tile Stores

So, the best Reno tile stores, what are they? By the way, you can follow each of these shops online!


They offer a wide choice of floor tiles from the different collections, including Mosaics. It looks like a lovely carpet. Mosaic tiles are able to make your room special. They also have some Marble samples. This tile category is also able to make your collection special. It is hard, solid and simple to use. This is the best variant for rooms with the high traffic. If you know nothing about the color, design and style, the company can help you. They have a big demonstrative hall that us 4 100 square pounds and storage room that is 41 000 square pounds by territory. You may also use competent help of designer.


The company boasts the friendly experienced personnel. The time of their service is more than 30 years. It does not matter how much time you spent for your interior project, using D & L Tile you may be sure that your choice is absolutely right. They have budget products, ecofriendly products, the tiles of all sizes and colors. If you want to see more, you have to visit the showroom to see about 2000 square pounds of products. The company is specialized in different sorts of tiles and also kitchen table covers, bath tubes and many other things that are important for your house design.


The tile store is popular as the wide choice and high service. The friendly and polite personnel follow every your step to help and support. They want to be sure that your choice is right and their products are what you really need. You can pick something from the engineering and natural stones, such as Silestone Brazilian Brown, Tropic forest Brown, Rose grey, White North, Blue Sahara, Paradizo, Almond line and others. Their materials are long living, making your atmosphere elegant for a good price.


The Earth Stone Gallery is situated in Reno to be one of the best Reno tile stores. It is placed in Nevada to help people to implement people’s phantasies and creative skills into life. The tile from different collections looks naturally but different. You may choose among the marble, buhr stone, granite, onyx, banded marble. The newest but natural collections make your house beautiful and stylish.

How about ceramic tiles? It is different colors, sizes. This is the best accent for any room. If you want to add more energy into the room space, or make it more comfortable, think about using ceramic tiles. The tiles consist of the semiprecious stones. The showrooms are organized in a comfortable way to come and get a competent consultation from their educated and experienced designers. So, what product do you need to make the room comfortable? This is your chance to make your space natural but unique. It is important to touch it and feel the variety of surfaces.


The company carries interesting lines of ceramic tile and natural stone from around the world. Their huge inventory includes stone slabs, slate, quartzite, marble, granite, prefabricated granite slabs, tumbled marble, glass block, porcelain tiles in all sizes and more. Their showroom is always current and their sales team is always ready to assist with design needs. Let their friendly staff of professionals help you with the entire process. Their huge inventory includes stone slabs, slate, quartzite, marble, granite, prefabricated granite slabs, tumbled marble, tumbled slate, glass block, porcelain tiles in all sizes and trim pieces to finish any job. They, of course, provide all the setting materials necessary to complete your job as well.

Visit their newly renovated showroom to see what’s new and book a consultation today! Again, their friendly staff of professionals is here to help you with the entire process.

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