Laminate Wood Flooring for Every Room

Laminate Wood Flooring for Every Room

The choice of the laminate wood flooring is obvious. It looks natural and easy to take care of. You may choose any style you like that is perfect for your and for your room design. There are many styles of the laminate flooring. You can easily pick something for your preferences. Of course, the local laminate producers are always ready to make the most attractive proposal for you. What are the most popular brands of the laminated floor and their characteristics?

Laminate Wood Flooring for Every RoomPergo

Pergo is a kind of original laminate wood flooring that works since 1980. The brand was produced by the Swiss company Perstorp that invented the technic of laminating boards. Later, the brand was bought by the Mohawk Industries to be the dominating and leading brand. It is no surprising that Pergo collection looks great and stylish. Pergo assortment boasts the wide range of available laminate samples of different colors: grey, white, gold tones.


Mohawk has more than 138 interesting laminate solutions, including wooden surfaces of stress-graded hardwood, exotic wood and stones. The collection is mostly classical. It is numerous in each its position. Thus, there are more than 58 different variants of the oak laminated floor! The products from Mohawk are good quality. They are popular all over the country and far abroad. In addition to this, Mohawk offers the wide assortment of the laminated boards and molding to make the floor composition professionally accomplished.


Quick-Step is a brand that was created by the Unilin Company. The company was created in 1960 in Belgium. This is the part of Mohawk Industries now. What a surprise! One way or another, Unilin plays a big role in the history of laminated floor development: they were the first who decided to use Uniclic blocking system that the most of the laminated floor producers use now.

The Quick-Step laminates are still in a high demand to be always different and interesting. There are many advertising ideas to work on for the sake and development of laminate business. The main its line says that the Quick-Step floor is as realistic as the nature surface. Really, the newest Quick-Step collections are detailed. They are excellent in details! They are really perfect! Pay attention to Eligna, Modello and Sculptique collections. Their boards are about 54 inches long. So, you have an opportunity to make your floor more natural and realistic. There is one more interesting collection, Quadra laminate that imitate stony surface. There are four available colors.


Mannington collection is famous with its ritzy look vinyl tails. The assortment of laminate boards is also worth seeing. The most of the latest collections are really beautiful. In generally, the assortment is divided into six collections, including the latest one – Revolutions Tile to imitate stones. The wooden laminates collections are Diamond Bay and Restoration. Each of them offers to make the thick 12 millimeters boards. It is impressive.

Restoration collection needs your special attention. It is characterized with the vintage appearance. The tones are beige, grey, milky white to imitate such wooden surfaces as oak, birch, harewood. Each of these collections is made in three different colors and many tones: natural, oyster-milk and pearly. All of them are innovative to be widely used in the floor industry. They are good for both, classical and high tech interiors.

Shaw Floors

Shaw Floors Company was founded in 1946. They are pretty old! The company is popular in the USA because of carpets and laminated flooring. Actually, the company started its laminated business in 2002. Their assortment counts more than 190 positions. The most popular and best-selling laminated product is Luminiere High Gloss. Shaw was the first laminate producer who designed the glossy laminates. They are characterized with the various wooden designs and glossy look to be perfect for different interiors, including modern Echo Lake, classical blue and cocoa brown Vue, whatever.

The wide laminated boards are popular now. You can find them in the newest collection from all brands. The wider boards make your floor natural and monolithic. The most of the laminated materials from the Shaw Floor Producer are wooden to imitate wood. Of course, they traditionally have the number of stony collections, like Majestic Visions that is available in three colors and Majestic Grandeur – 6 colors. You can find the list of the Shaw proposals from the website.

If you are interested in the question of choosing laminate, you should pay attention to such big laminate producers as Pergo, Mohawk, Quick-Step, Mannington, Shaw, Armstrong, Berry Alloc, Bruce, Columbia, Kraus, Kronotex Lamton, Tarkett and TrafficMASTER. But remember, the list is not full. Every country region boasts the new names and technologies. That’s good because you always have a choice.

Laminate Wood FlooringLaminate Layers

What is what? You know everything about the popular laminate producers but you also should know about the laminate making technology. So, this is the layered product. The most important is upper layer that differs laminate sorts from one another according to their wearing qualities, water and sound resistance. Thus, if you are looking for the laminate flooring for your kitchen, corridor, living room, you should pick the laminate sorts with the thick upper layer. The laminated floors are not recommended to lay in the bathroom because of flood danger. The slack water is dangerous for the laminate wood flooring.

Never forget about the ground layer. It is also important. There are many different technologies to make the laminate ground layer to provide the high quality resistance and isolation to make your floor warm and safe. The back layer helps to minimize differences in your floor here and there and everywhere in the room. There is also an opportunity to use laminate floor for your bathroom only if the upper and ground laminate layers are good quality.

The laminate wood flooring is very comfortable floor from the point of view of covering and using. Even if you are not the laminate specialist, you can manage the problem of covering your floor with your own efforts just following the instruction step by step and right instruments. You can find the list of recommendations from the website. Nevertheless, it is better to get the consultation from the specialist in the sphere of floor covering to pick the best laminate wood flooring for your room. Why don’t you call us?

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