The Best Laminate Flooring

If you decided to repair your house, you need to take care of your budget. It is better to start from the floor covering. What about the laminate flooring? You should know that laminate floor is a strong and competitive alternative to the wooden floor or tiled floor. Which is the right way to find the best laminate flooring?

The Best Laminate Flooring SolutionsWhat is Laminate Floor?

Laminate floor is a composite product that consists of many different layers, combined together. Frankly speaking, there are four or five layers: the upper layer is predicted to protect your floor from wearing. It protects the floor from scratches, scars and thinning. The next layer is decorator layer that makes your floor to loos like ceramics, stone, wood materials. The next layer is usually made of HDF and melamine resin to make the floor water resistant. To conclude, the best laminate flooring boasts the thick protective upper layer. The Uniclic system, so-called click-lock, helps to lay the floor with no efforts. So, let’s learn the advantages and disadvantages of the laminated floors.


  • It looks like natural materials.

The most of the laminated brands are equipped with the modern 3D photos: stone, wood, tail and others. The variety of floor designs is huge. The innovative technologies help to find out the new and interesting designs for your floor, natural or not, as you wish. Your floor can be the copy of any material.

  • Prices

The processes that are usually connected with making laminated floors are done with the only one company at the same place. It makes the price lower. For example, the hard wood is usually sold for the price of 3 USD. At the same time, the laminated oak can be sold for 99 cents. If you want to learn more information about the process, you should call for the producer.

  • Ecological Performance

It is said that laminate producing is ecological friendly. That is true. It usually takes much time and environment to gather and transport wooden or stony materials. Also the most of the best laminate flooring producers use only recycled wooden materials for the upper MDF-component. What is more, laminated floors don’t need special toxic glues and chemicals to lay them.

  • Easy Installation and Easy Removal

The vast majority of the modern laminate floors come with so-called click-lock design (also sometimes referred to as a Uniclic system). It means that you simply install the laminate boards as a floating floor over a sub-floor and foam underlayment. One edge of the board will have a groove into which the other edge that has a tongue is clicked and locked into place. Some manufacturers infuse the grooved and tongued edges with dry adhesive that you simply dampen before clicking into place to add an extra level of locking. And because of this click-lock system, laminate flooring is one of the easiest floors to remove when it’s time for an update.


It is not real! Probably, this is the only one region to be surprised. This is a fact that the wood or stone is not real. Of course, this is not a real minus, but it is always addresses through the lens of the laminate price. If the price is not high, you usually think that the product is low quality. This is not a fact, but theory, shot in the dark. It is better to check the quality of the material that you are going to buy and choose the best laminate flooring.

What Makes the Price of Best Laminate Flooring?

You just pay for what you need. This is the best rule to go shopping. Laminate is the cheapest variant for your floor. Nevertheless, the prices for laminate are also different. The cheapest laminate can be more than budget to have the list of such possible minuses as ups and downs, wrinkles. The floor of good quality costs about 2,50 USD.

If you need to get the water and sound resistant floor, you should think of thick cover layer, about 12 millimeters. Of course, the most useful laminate characteristic is quality certificate. What do you know about the North American Laminate Flooring Association? NALFA uses the strict set of special criteria to make the price of your laminate floor. Nevertheless, there are 10 special quality tests that are taken in the laboratory to check them all from the point of view of different quality aspects, including water and sound resistance, wearing, spoiling with spots, fire, flood. If you are interested, you can meet these criteria from the NAFLA website. In addition you can also find the list of certified laminate brands. One way or another, any certificates are welcomed.

The Best Laminate Flooring Solutions #1New Design Tendencies

Speaking about the room interior, the most of leading laminate producers try to be up to date. They consider the new design aspects, innovative technologies. And what are they, the modern trends of the laminate floor?

Wide Boards

It is very important to make the laminate floor to be look like the natural wooden floor. There is no need to make the laminate boards thick and coarse. Instead, laminate producers are not interested in making big and thick boards, to make them long and wide instead.

Glace Finish

Of course, glossing and polishing often means that the floor is dangerous and slippery. You have a chance to make your floor glossy but not slippery. Consequently glossy laminated floor all together with the minimalistic interior makes your room stylish and interesting, even if your budget is limited.


Of course, grey color is always in trend. You can also find a lot of interesting variants of grey for your laminate flooring.

Industrial Style

If you like industrial style, but you also want to make your floor safe, warm and comfortable, you can try to use laminated floor that looks like the cement capping.

Laminate your walls! Think about it! The glossy laminated floor can be masterfully combined with the laminated skirt boards and walls. As a result it looks stylish and unusual. There are many interesting solutions, where you can use innovative laminate samples. Look around! There are many of them in every specialized shop. Try to shop online to save the time!

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