How to Install Laminate DIY

DIY: One Room in One Day!

Set down a new floor in no time at all. Do you really think so? Laminate flooring is easy to install and can be walked on the same day. Can you believe that? You should know how to install laminate DIY to prove that!

Laminate flooring is easier to install than hardwood flooring and offers the same appearance. The planks consist of medium-density fiberboard sandwiched between plastic laminate. The top laminate looks like random-grain wood, but its plastic composition makes it scratch- and stain-resistant. It also leaves room for options like gray laminate wood flooring or dark wood laminate flooring. The precision-milled tongue-and-groove edges make accurate installation a snap. The whole floating floor assembly is glued together at the edges and floats on a thin, closed-cell polyethylene foam pad.

This is probably the main laminate advantage! How about installation?


Laminate installs fast and easy. Fast: you can install 300 square feet in one weekend. Older types of laminate flooring required you to glue pieces to each other. Today’s types of laminate flooring have a click/lock or fold/lock design that allows planks to fit together like puzzle pieces. Easy: since the planks are constructed of soft particleboard, they can be cut with a hand saw or even a utility knife.


While designed to be easy, the click/lock or fold/lock design often does not work as well as it should. Sides of the boards can be especially difficult to join with adjoining sides. Also, if you force boards into place, you risk curling up the top wear layer, compromising the floor’s ability to resist moisture. That’s why you need a guide!




Pry bar, tape measure, pencil, table saw, spacing blocks, tapping blocks, hammer


Laminate flooring, underlayment, shoe molding, finishing nails



Acclimate the Flooring

Your laminate wood flooring should sit in the room for at least 48 hours prior to installation, giving it time to expand or contract in relation to the room’s temperature and humidity. It is especially needed in the cold weather. This prevents buckling and other problems after installation.


Remove Baseboard

Remove existing baseboard molding. Use the pry bar to remove baseboard from the wall; set the pieces aside for re-installation. Floating laminate planks should be installed over a hard, smooth surface, such as vinyl. If existing flooring is damaged, remove it to reveal the sub-floor. Don’t install laminate on the damaged basement.


Install Underlayment

Install the underlayment to your floating laminate floor. Clear the floor of staples, nails, and other dirt. Roll out the underlayment. Do not overlap adjoining strips. Use the utility knife to cut pieces as needed. The foam underlayment deadens sound and helps the floor feel more resilient and durable.


Plan the Layout

To decide which direction to lay the planks, consider which wall is the longest and straightest. Avoid a narrow strip against the focal-point wall. Planks in the last row should be at least 2 inches wide. Figure on a 1/4-inch gap at each wall. Note: If the last row will be less than 2 inches wide, add that width to the width of a full plank and divide by 2. Cut planks in the first and last rows to this width. This is the secret you should know.


Cut First Row

Depending on your layout, you may need to rip, or cut the first row of planks lengthwise. If using a power saw (better table saw), cut with the finished side down; if using a handsaw, cut with the finished side up. Use clamps to steady the planks as you cut them.


Leave a Gap

Laminate wood flooring kits come with space chips. Wedge these between the wall and the planks to leave an expansion gap of 1/4 inch. We’ve already mentioned about it. The won’t be visible once the baseboard is attached.


Install the First Row

Install the planks with the tongue side facing the wall (some manufacturers recommend you cut off the tongue edge of planks that face walls). Connect one plank to another by connecting the tongues and grooves. You may be able to snugly connect the planks by hand, or you may need to use a pull bar from the installation kit and a hammer to pull them together or a tapping block to tap the joints together. Cut the last plank in the row to length (save the scraps if they’re at least 12 inches long).


Install Additional Rows

Install additional rows. As you snap on new rows, stagger the seams at least 12 inches in adjoining rows, much like you’d see on a wood plank wall or a brick wall. You often can start a new row with the scrap from the plank you cut to end the previous row.


Install the Last Row

You’ll need to slide the planks into position at an angle, then gently pry them into place with the pry bar. Be sure you leave a 1/4-inch expansion gap between the last row and the wall. Don’t forget about it!


Cut Around Casings

Cut around door casings. Don’t try to cut planks to fit around door casings. Instead, it is better to use the jamb saw to cut the door casing about 1/16 inch above the height of the flooring, giving the plank room to slide under the casing. Rest a piece of flooring with underlayment on the floor and against the casing. Rest the jamb saw on top and cut the casing to the desired height.


Reinstall Trim

Reinstall the trim. After the planks are in place, reinstall the baseboard molding using the hammer and finishing nails. Then install shoe molding over the expansion joints and use transition strips to connect the laminate to adjoining surfaces, such as tile or carpet. Do not nail through the floor, just through the trim and wall.

But now…waiting for your flooring to arrive, you are pretty intimidated when this showed up in your driveway! If installing area is big, you can receive about 50 boxes or even more of brilliantly packaged and prepared laminate flooring! Don’t forget to leave it in the house for some time to acclimate the flooring! And the only thing standing between you and your new laminate is your installing skill! Read our tips again and remind how to install laminate DIY.

Please checkout full video on how to do laminate waterproof floors by Youdoit


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Laminate Wood Flooring for Every Room

Laminate Wood Flooring for Every Room

The choice of the laminate wood flooring is obvious. It looks natural and easy to take care of. You may choose any style you like that is perfect for your and for your room design. There are many styles of the laminate flooring. You can easily pick something for your preferences. Of course, the local laminate producers are always ready to make the most attractive proposal for you. What are the most popular brands of the laminated floor and their characteristics?

Laminate Wood Flooring for Every RoomPergo

Pergo is a kind of original laminate wood flooring that works since 1980. The brand was produced by the Swiss company Perstorp that invented the technic of laminating boards. Later, the brand was bought by the Mohawk Industries to be the dominating and leading brand. It is no surprising that Pergo collection looks great and stylish. Pergo assortment boasts the wide range of available laminate samples of different colors: grey, white, gold tones.


Mohawk has more than 138 interesting laminate solutions, including wooden surfaces of stress-graded hardwood, exotic wood and stones. The collection is mostly classical. It is numerous in each its position. Thus, there are more than 58 different variants of the oak laminated floor! The products from Mohawk are good quality. They are popular all over the country and far abroad. In addition to this, Mohawk offers the wide assortment of the laminated boards and molding to make the floor composition professionally accomplished.


Quick-Step is a brand that was created by the Unilin Company. The company was created in 1960 in Belgium. This is the part of Mohawk Industries now. What a surprise! One way or another, Unilin plays a big role in the history of laminated floor development: they were the first who decided to use Uniclic blocking system that the most of the laminated floor producers use now.

The Quick-Step laminates are still in a high demand to be always different and interesting. There are many advertising ideas to work on for the sake and development of laminate business. The main its line says that the Quick-Step floor is as realistic as the nature surface. Really, the newest Quick-Step collections are detailed. They are excellent in details! They are really perfect! Pay attention to Eligna, Modello and Sculptique collections. Their boards are about 54 inches long. So, you have an opportunity to make your floor more natural and realistic. There is one more interesting collection, Quadra laminate that imitate stony surface. There are four available colors.


Mannington collection is famous with its ritzy look vinyl tails. The assortment of laminate boards is also worth seeing. The most of the latest collections are really beautiful. In generally, the assortment is divided into six collections, including the latest one – Revolutions Tile to imitate stones. The wooden laminates collections are Diamond Bay and Restoration. Each of them offers to make the thick 12 millimeters boards. It is impressive.

Restoration collection needs your special attention. It is characterized with the vintage appearance. The tones are beige, grey, milky white to imitate such wooden surfaces as oak, birch, harewood. Each of these collections is made in three different colors and many tones: natural, oyster-milk and pearly. All of them are innovative to be widely used in the floor industry. They are good for both, classical and high tech interiors.

Shaw Floors

Shaw Floors Company was founded in 1946. They are pretty old! The company is popular in the USA because of carpets and laminated flooring. Actually, the company started its laminated business in 2002. Their assortment counts more than 190 positions. The most popular and best-selling laminated product is Luminiere High Gloss. Shaw was the first laminate producer who designed the glossy laminates. They are characterized with the various wooden designs and glossy look to be perfect for different interiors, including modern Echo Lake, classical blue and cocoa brown Vue, whatever.

The wide laminated boards are popular now. You can find them in the newest collection from all brands. The wider boards make your floor natural and monolithic. The most of the laminated materials from the Shaw Floor Producer are wooden to imitate wood. Of course, they traditionally have the number of stony collections, like Majestic Visions that is available in three colors and Majestic Grandeur – 6 colors. You can find the list of the Shaw proposals from the website.

If you are interested in the question of choosing laminate, you should pay attention to such big laminate producers as Pergo, Mohawk, Quick-Step, Mannington, Shaw, Armstrong, Berry Alloc, Bruce, Columbia, Kraus, Kronotex Lamton, Tarkett and TrafficMASTER. But remember, the list is not full. Every country region boasts the new names and technologies. That’s good because you always have a choice.

Laminate Wood FlooringLaminate Layers

What is what? You know everything about the popular laminate producers but you also should know about the laminate making technology. So, this is the layered product. The most important is upper layer that differs laminate sorts from one another according to their wearing qualities, water and sound resistance. Thus, if you are looking for the laminate flooring for your kitchen, corridor, living room, you should pick the laminate sorts with the thick upper layer. The laminated floors are not recommended to lay in the bathroom because of flood danger. The slack water is dangerous for the laminate wood flooring.

Never forget about the ground layer. It is also important. There are many different technologies to make the laminate ground layer to provide the high quality resistance and isolation to make your floor warm and safe. The back layer helps to minimize differences in your floor here and there and everywhere in the room. There is also an opportunity to use laminate floor for your bathroom only if the upper and ground laminate layers are good quality.

The laminate wood flooring is very comfortable floor from the point of view of covering and using. Even if you are not the laminate specialist, you can manage the problem of covering your floor with your own efforts just following the instruction step by step and right instruments. You can find the list of recommendations from the website. Nevertheless, it is better to get the consultation from the specialist in the sphere of floor covering to pick the best laminate wood flooring for your room. Why don’t you call us?

The Best Laminate Flooring

If you decided to repair your house, you need to take care of your budget. It is better to start from the floor covering. What about the laminate flooring? You should know that laminate floor is a strong and competitive alternative to the wooden floor or tiled floor. Which is the right way to find the best laminate flooring?

The Best Laminate Flooring SolutionsWhat is Laminate Floor?

Laminate floor is a composite product that consists of many different layers, combined together. Frankly speaking, there are four or five layers: the upper layer is predicted to protect your floor from wearing. It protects the floor from scratches, scars and thinning. The next layer is decorator layer that makes your floor to loos like ceramics, stone, wood materials. The next layer is usually made of HDF and melamine resin to make the floor water resistant. To conclude, the best laminate flooring boasts the thick protective upper layer. The Uniclic system, so-called click-lock, helps to lay the floor with no efforts. So, let’s learn the advantages and disadvantages of the laminated floors.


  • It looks like natural materials.

The most of the laminated brands are equipped with the modern 3D photos: stone, wood, tail and others. The variety of floor designs is huge. The innovative technologies help to find out the new and interesting designs for your floor, natural or not, as you wish. Your floor can be the copy of any material.

  • Prices

The processes that are usually connected with making laminated floors are done with the only one company at the same place. It makes the price lower. For example, the hard wood is usually sold for the price of 3 USD. At the same time, the laminated oak can be sold for 99 cents. If you want to learn more information about the process, you should call for the producer.

  • Ecological Performance

It is said that laminate producing is ecological friendly. That is true. It usually takes much time and environment to gather and transport wooden or stony materials. Also the most of the best laminate flooring producers use only recycled wooden materials for the upper MDF-component. What is more, laminated floors don’t need special toxic glues and chemicals to lay them.

  • Easy Installation and Easy Removal

The vast majority of the modern laminate floors come with so-called click-lock design (also sometimes referred to as a Uniclic system). It means that you simply install the laminate boards as a floating floor over a sub-floor and foam underlayment. One edge of the board will have a groove into which the other edge that has a tongue is clicked and locked into place. Some manufacturers infuse the grooved and tongued edges with dry adhesive that you simply dampen before clicking into place to add an extra level of locking. And because of this click-lock system, laminate flooring is one of the easiest floors to remove when it’s time for an update.


It is not real! Probably, this is the only one region to be surprised. This is a fact that the wood or stone is not real. Of course, this is not a real minus, but it is always addresses through the lens of the laminate price. If the price is not high, you usually think that the product is low quality. This is not a fact, but theory, shot in the dark. It is better to check the quality of the material that you are going to buy and choose the best laminate flooring.

What Makes the Price of Best Laminate Flooring?

You just pay for what you need. This is the best rule to go shopping. Laminate is the cheapest variant for your floor. Nevertheless, the prices for laminate are also different. The cheapest laminate can be more than budget to have the list of such possible minuses as ups and downs, wrinkles. The floor of good quality costs about 2,50 USD.

If you need to get the water and sound resistant floor, you should think of thick cover layer, about 12 millimeters. Of course, the most useful laminate characteristic is quality certificate. What do you know about the North American Laminate Flooring Association? NALFA uses the strict set of special criteria to make the price of your laminate floor. Nevertheless, there are 10 special quality tests that are taken in the laboratory to check them all from the point of view of different quality aspects, including water and sound resistance, wearing, spoiling with spots, fire, flood. If you are interested, you can meet these criteria from the NAFLA website. In addition you can also find the list of certified laminate brands. One way or another, any certificates are welcomed.

The Best Laminate Flooring Solutions #1New Design Tendencies

Speaking about the room interior, the most of leading laminate producers try to be up to date. They consider the new design aspects, innovative technologies. And what are they, the modern trends of the laminate floor?

Wide Boards

It is very important to make the laminate floor to be look like the natural wooden floor. There is no need to make the laminate boards thick and coarse. Instead, laminate producers are not interested in making big and thick boards, to make them long and wide instead.

Glace Finish

Of course, glossing and polishing often means that the floor is dangerous and slippery. You have a chance to make your floor glossy but not slippery. Consequently glossy laminated floor all together with the minimalistic interior makes your room stylish and interesting, even if your budget is limited.


Of course, grey color is always in trend. You can also find a lot of interesting variants of grey for your laminate flooring.

Industrial Style

If you like industrial style, but you also want to make your floor safe, warm and comfortable, you can try to use laminated floor that looks like the cement capping.

Laminate your walls! Think about it! The glossy laminated floor can be masterfully combined with the laminated skirt boards and walls. As a result it looks stylish and unusual. There are many interesting solutions, where you can use innovative laminate samples. Look around! There are many of them in every specialized shop. Try to shop online to save the time!

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring You Should KnowYou are here because you want to have the laminate floor in you place. This kind of floor was not the best of the best reputation floor covering. From the other hand, it is easy to lay and looks very attractive. So, what are the pros and cons of laminate flooring?

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring



Laminated floor is easy to lay out. Everyone knows that. It is really fast. You can lay the area of 300 square feet for one weekend. Of course, the old types of laminated materials needed to be fixed with one another with the help of glue. Everything is different now. Today, the laminated floor designed in special way to lay it with no glue. It is like doing puzzle. It is very easy as the boards are made of soft wood.


Of course, modern laminate makes it easy to lay. If you buy the materials of low quality, the laminated locks do not work in proper way. It makes the floor hurtable to water and heavy weight influence.



The laminated floor is very easy to clean. Just use mop or wet dust to wash it and dry. It needs no wax.


Heavy water penetrates the locks of the laminate to damage it. So, laminated floor needs no water but special cleaning shampoo.



Laminate flooring is good to lay in the dry environment. It is also attractive for using it in such wet rooms as kitchen, corridor, hall. As far as your floor is fixed in proper way, the locks are reliable protection from moisture.


Nevertheless, laminated floor does not like slack water. It can happen in kitchen, bathroom, anywhere. Pay attention that it is better to use ceramic or vinyl piles for rooms of such a type.



Unlike wooden floor, laminated covering is difficult to hurt or crack. The upper layer is very hard. It is protective for spots, watering, and mechanic damages. Never be afraid to damage your floor with the dirty spots and stains. They are easy to clean.


If the laminated floor is damaged with one or another way, cracked or spoiled, you cannot repair it but replace.



As far as laminated floor has covering layer, it is hard and multifunctional. It helps you to use floor and feel comfortable at that. It is not slippery in the bathroom and at the fire place.


Traditionally, laminated floor is slippery. This problem must be fixed with the latest time.



The laminated floor looks like the natural wooden cover. The choice is wide. You may choose the laminated boards with interesting even exotic designs.


If you lay laminated floor incorrectly, the cover design looks strange.

Maybe have you your own opinion as for above pros and cons of laminate flooring?

Pros and Cons of Laminate FlooringReasons Why You Like Laminated Floor

Of course there are many pros and cons of laminate flooring, but more and more people like it. Why?

  •  Quick montage

It is real to finish the room in a day. As it was said before, laminated floor is like a puzzle. You should fix one piece to another with the help of special locks. It is very important to use no glue or other liquids for montage. The laminated boards are light and soft to cut according to your needs with the help of special knife.

  • Do-It-Yourself Floor

Of course, comparing laminated floor with other kinds of flooring, this is the most attractive one for do-it-yourself. If you know a little about flooring types and montage, you can lay in your room.

The main thing is making the under floor level straight. You will not meet other difficulties.

  • You Can Make the Floor of Below Ground Level

Of course, this is not the main laminate characteristic. Nevertheless, you can lay your laminate flooring of below ground level if you need it. Never forget about the vapor-proof barrier. It is better not to laminate floor in the places of high moisture like bathroom or toilet, washing room. You may easily use laminated covering for kitchen, hall.

Some other Advantages

  • Quick Demounting

NALFA (North American Association of Laminated Floors) is a company that is responsible for laminated floor quality. They check the floor from different producers. You may easily lay the floor and – demount it. All you need is demounting skirtboards and take your floor into pieces as a big puzzle picture. It is very convenient and very fast if you want to replace the floor pieces or renew it.

  • Strong and Solid Floor

You think that laminated cover is damaged and too soft to use it for your floor. You are wrong. Never forget that even wooden floor has big problems. So, the laminated boards are as good and reliable as hardwood boards as they are made of pressed materials like a big layered pie. So, you can crack hardwood flooring and ceramic pile easily. The engineering wooden boards are solid and stable but not good in use. All kinds of floor have its advantages and disadvantages. Choose what you like.

  • Easy to Clean and Support

The laminated floor must be smooth and solid if it is done correctly. The easiest way to clean this kind of floor is Swiffer Wet Jet. You may use wet mop or dry cleaning, as you wish. Never forget that laminated floor does not like water.

Nice Design

The laminated floor is good in design. You may find the floor of different designs to look like different materials: wood, stone, ceramics, something exotic. The boards are different colors that makes laminated floor very attractive to use for different interiors. What kind of wood do you prefer? You may choose cherry tree, oak tree or birch or instead choose the floor that looks like the redwood. More sizes available: the standard laminated size is 3.5″. You may find 7 3/4 “.

Want more proves? Pressing is the best technology to produce high quality floor for everyday use. The pros and cons of laminate flooring are different for different users. Why do you need to lay the floor of this type? Share you information, please.

You’ll Love Laminate Flooring

You'll Love Laminate Flooring as You Love Layer Pie What do you know about laminate? It is important to say that laminate floor is different from the traditional wooden parquet in the same way as bicycle differs from the car. They both are able to drive, but they are differently organized. There is a sense to compare laminate with the parquet board. Nevertheless, laminate has its strong and weak sides you should learn about. If you want to find a perfect floor covering for your home, think about it carefully and you’ll love laminate flooring.

Layer Cake – Layer Floor

Let us learn: massive parquet is separate wooden sticks. Traditionally, the sticks are 2 meters long and about 20 centimeters wide. You know, it is very difficult to differentiate high quality parquet board from lower class materials. Just specialists can do this. Finally, laminate flooring looks like parquet. Speaking about its construction, it looks like a layer cake. Remember, the parquet board is made of wood. Laminate is just imitation of wooden floor.

Do not think that laminate floor is the cheapest unworthy solution. This is a separate worthy sort of flooring with its own advantages and disadvantages. As a matter of fact, people used to buy laminate floor to imitate wooden floor many years ago. It was really cheap and impressive. It looks like you have a real wooden floor at your feet. Times change. Laminate floor is not a cheap floor any more, but good variant for everyone, who wants to have reliable and stylish floor for wise money. Besides, laminate gives a lot of opportunities to improve your interior. Is it possible to cover your floor with the real marble and granite? You can do this together with laminated solutions. The colors and structures are different.

Laminate Flooring

It is time to speak about what laminate floor is made of. So, one laminated panel is a piece of fiberboard which is about 1 meter long and about 20 centimeters wide. This panel is composed of four of five pressed layers. Actually, different companies have their own recipes of cooking laminate. It looks like cooking a pie. The lowest layer is made of strong water resistant material. It boasts with stabilization function, making the laminate construction stronger and harder. The second and third layers are basic layers, made of wood fibers of different pressure levels. The last upper layer is structured and colored paper. This picture makes laminate look like a real wooden or marble surface. It may be strange and special, according to your wish and demand. Thus, you’ll love laminate flooring for making your interior special!

Laminate is very hard material. Its strength is measured in Tabers. For example, the floor can be 15 000 Taber, 11 500 Taber. These figures speak about the real quantity of polishing circles that the laminated surface usually holds, or so-called bearable stress. This is the way to check the floor and challenge it. The colors of different companies are almost the same. Nevertheless, it is not a problem to create your own interesting tone: standard brown, yellow, acid green or azure. So, this is time to make experiments and fantasize without any regrets.

Find Differences

Laminate flooring is not a competitive partner for wooden parquet. Actually, if you have enough budget for parquet, you would not buy laminate floor. This is very popular opinion. Is it true? Actually, laminate floor and parquet floor are two different price policies. It can happen that laminate floor is 3-5 times cheaper than parquet wood. The point is that you can reanimate your budget with the time. You cannot reanimate your laminate floor, just replace it in 5-7 years. Of course, you can find high class laminate that is more expensive than parquet. Everything depends on technology, facture and brand, of course. The main position is what room you want to recover with laminate flooring. There are many nuances.

So, there are three variants for your floor: laminate floor – painted but strong and high quality wood for the first variant; parquet board made of massive wood and parquet. What to choose? There are three variants and only one flat.

You'll Love Laminate FlooringWho Wins? Who Loses?

Of course, parquet and parquet board is long living covering for your floor. The main advantage is possibility to renew and recover old or damaged floor. The average life of laminate is about 5-8 years. Of course, there is special system to repair laminated surfaces. It is too expensive and manageable. It is much better to buy new interesting laminated solution and sleep well for next 8 years. Laminate floor is very strong material. You cannot break the board for two parts with heavy weight. Nevertheless, it is risking on sides. Laminate floor must be well glued on sides.

There is one big minus for all competitors. All of them are afraid of water. It is not recommended to water them. In short, slack water kills your laminate, parquet and parquet board. You have to dust the floor with wet brush or duster.

The End

So, you know everything about such floor covering as laminate floor.

  1. It is cheap and nice. It is not the main advantage. Laminate is not a parquet fake, but separate kind of floor covering. It makes you creating new designs and colors.
  2. Laminate is not afraid of high boots, rollers or cigarettes. It is strong and hard.
  3. If you are going to give your flat for rent – laminate floor is the best budget variant.
  4. Remember, laminate floor must be correctly covered. You have to hire good company to help you to restore your room. There are many fake nuances that may be assigned with the incorrect or careless covering.

Start with….Why do you need laminate floor? Do you want to save money? Or mayby do you want to buy new accommodation and want to repair your old flat for some time? Do you like changes and want to change the color of your floor in 5 years? This is the best solutions for laminate and you’ll love laminate flooring.

Laminate Wood Flooring: Consumer Wealth

Laminate Wood FlooringDecorating your flat or house, everyone wants to do everything in the best way, using practical and original modern materials. Speaking about floor, people choose laminate wood flooring. The variety of laminated materials never fails to amaze you. This observation article is going to help you to learn everything about laminated designs, surfaces, class and lasting qualities.

Laminate Wood Flooring Designs

The modern painters and technologists use their skills to the full to create new forms and decorations for laminates. As a result, it is covered with original pictures and prints, interesting structure solutions.

Classic wood

First of all, this kind of wood looks like a real warm wooden surface. As a matter of fact, laminate floor is a budget variation of expensive parquet board. As a result, laminate wood flooring is similar to parquet boards. They look great! You can see different wooden prints, characterizing with different sorts of wood.

Leather luxury

If you like interesting and unusual interiors, leather laminate floor is right for you. You can decorate you working area in special way. The names of manufacturers that are specialized in producing laminated leather surfaces are different. They boast with interesting collections of premium-class. So, the prices for these collections are not budgetary. Nevertheless, you can buy leather laminated covering for budget price, if you can find it. Furthermore, it looks really stylish!

Metal Gloss

What do you know about high-tech? This kind of design likes using such interesting solutions as glassy and metal details. This is the case, when you may use laminate wood flooring. This kind of covering is good for young and active. It is also attractive for living room, night club or trade center.

Stony Calmness

And what about stony floor? Stony floor makes you feel strong and solid. Also it is cold and not very comfortable. Think about buying and setting of stony tile! It is rather expensive. So, laminate producing companies have found the attractive solution. They produce warm and pleasant to touch materials that are copies of stone. All famous brands have their stony collections. You can use laminate stony surface for your living-room, hall or kitchen. Therefore this kind of floor is good for stony decoration, fire places and other interior items.

Design Collections

The collections that are usually called design collections differ with the variety of colors and creative forms. Because the decoration, prints are exclusive. One kind of laminated collection is quite different from the rest of others. Thus, popular world companies offer you to go travelling, producing laminate flooring with map prints. It looks in pop-art style! Want anything more comfortable and usual? You can buy design laminate with canvas pints. It looks great!

Popular companies of big world countries , Germany, USA, Austria and others, attracts clients with their new trend collections. Everything is available: Leonardo da Vinci’s old sketches, stone prints, abstractions of acid colors, handprints, line-codes. What about kids’ attractions? They are offered to try original prints for their room, such as Pink bambino, Kitty, Disney’s cartoons, stamps and prints, made of your own sketches. It sounds interesting! There is one more interesting design solution – Soft Touch. This is your cream, but not a floor!

Laminated Surfaces

Speaking about laminated characteristics, it is needful to speak about its surfaces most of all. This is what your floor appearance usually depends on.

Classic Wooden Surface

This kind of laminate is smooth by touch. To make the floor looks naturally, the surface is decorated with easy dashes and dimples, copying the wooden prints. You can easily see it and feel by touch.

Antique Wooden Surface

As you know, all wooden furniture is getting aged (old). It looks specific: dingy, rubbed, temporally challenged. If you want to make your new laminate wood flooring look like antique surface, buy the new collections of antique laminate with proper characteristics and color solutions.

Polish Surface

As you know, well-polished shiny floor looks always attractive. This kind of laminate material looks like the wooden boards, polished with lacquer before.

Laminate Wood Flooring Consumer WealthTextured Surface

The wooden texture looks like real! Looking at your floor, you believe that it was made of natural wood boards, but not laminated covering. The effect is amazing!

Relief Surfaces

Small accurate dashes are applied all over the laminate board. They are not aimed to simulate the natural wooden print. They just make the board rough and textured.

Natural Surface

How does the natural wooden surface look like? Actually, it looks like the wooden board, polished with one or two easy lacquer layers, with bright wooden print. This is the laminated floor with natural upper layer.

Shea Butter Tree

This kind of laminate is mat and frosted. You cannot see dashes and other texture elements on it. It looks like wooden boards that were many times polished along the whole length.

Waxy Surface

Waxy surface is characterized with warm shiny glaze – slight and cozy. The laminate wood flooring of this type looks like a massive wood boards.

Country-Style Surface

Country-style is attractive for country house. The surface is relief, textured and rather rude.

Laminated Forms

Laminated Boards

The bigger part of laminated covering are produced in form of long straight boards (1,2-2 meters long). It is very convenient, especially, if the territory of your house is large. The work goes fast and easy.


If you want to create something special on your floor, you may use laminate floor in form of square tiles. It usually costs much, but it does not need back cover.

To make your laminate wood flooring love long, you should take care of it according to all available characteristics. Do not forget about the laminate quality wearing. Pay attention to its class. It can be different, from 21 till 34. The last pint speaks about the maximal pressure on it. To make your floor looks perfect for a long time, it is recommended to use different ruby carpets, glides to protect laminate from scratches. The special cleaning reagents are also must be used periodically. Do not use hard chemicals to remove stains from your laminated floor – read the instruction point carefully.

Choose Your Laminate Flooring

Choose Your Laminate Flooring as You Choose a FriendSpeaking about flooring, there is always a choice. Definitely, hardwood floor is considered to be the best for your home. Nevertheless, it is rather expensive variant. Think about the best alternative to time-honored hardwood covering – laminate flooring. Why not? Laminate boasts with excellent characteristics, looking great for your floor.

What Kind of Material Laminate is

Laminate is special flooring. The using of laminate grows in increasing frequency. The reason of it is simple to explain: laminate flooring has a mass of positive characteristics. The covering is equally good for housing units, trade and office accommodations.

The first and main reason for people to choose laminate is its price. It is not high, comparing with solid hardwood and other types of hardwood flooring. It makes no difference. Laminating is similar to any kind of wood. This fact allows creating visually different interior. You can also choose simulation of stone, original paintings. You may use laminate for Eco design or country style.

Laminate is simple to use, depending on the chosen type. If desired, you may arrange it on your own, without additional assistance. The key phrase is: comfort and simplicity. Your floor is going to be great!

Laminate is easy-handling. It means that all pollutions are easy to remove with the help of special cleaning liquids or soap solutions.

Laminate is ecologically clean. It is very important for allergists.

Laminate is resistant to high temperatures. Nothing happens if you dropped the heating apparatus on it.

Laminate is resistant to mechanical loading. It is hard to crash and compress. You can draw on it.

Choosing the high-quality material of popular and reliable brands, you should pay attention to such additional characteristics as impact resistance and other available damages. The high-quality laminate is not afraid of stains, of course, if you are going to take care of your floor.

Laminate Usage Durability

The laminate durability classes were specially developed to help people to choose one or another kind of flooring according to your taste and budget. You know, all types of laminate should be carefully checked and tested. They are no less than 18. You are welcomed to buy commercial laminate – strong and high-quality material, predicted to cover the floor mostly for official and public organizations. If you decided to buy it to cover the floor of your house, it will serve for more than 30 years. The laminate flooring is classified into water resistant, casual laminate and extra-heavy laminate.

You should take care of your floor, independently of the lamination class and durability characteristics. Do not forget that first of all, lamination material is wooden material. So, it is afraid of water.

Washing Laminate Flooring

It is recommended to clean the floor with vacuum cleaner and soft mop. If you feel that you need removing hard stains, you may use wet mop. It must be wet, but not moist. It is better to wash the floor with warm water and dry duster. Try to use clean water, free from soap liquids and washing materials.

Water is dangerous for laminating floor. Try to remove big water as fast as possible. Thus, washing laminate means wet cleaning, but not watery. You must be careful in places of canalization and slack water. Remember: watering your laminating floor, you have to remove water as fast as possible.

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Laminate Care Products

Laminate care products can be effective to use to clean the floor in the best way. What is important, you should try to avoid abrasive cleaning reagents. Do not use soap and cheap soap concentrates. The soap destroys the upper laminated layer. It is not surprising that it can be difficult to remove soap out of the floor. Alkaline cleaners destroy the upper laminated level. So, they are prohibited to use for laminated flooring. As a rule, producer-company recommends special washing materials to use for your type of laminated covering. It is better to buy these products to clean your floor in the safest way. Nevertheless, you may always use clean warm water that using wrong chemicals.

Actually, mud is the first enemy of all types of laminated covering. Try to change shoes, or clean them before entering the room. The mud, sand and other small particles on the floor cracks the laminated covering with the curse of time. If you have already cracked the floor, you should buy special paste.

There is a special mop and chemical to clean the laminate flooring without any efforts. They are developed, considering floor specific and surface type. To take care of you covering in the right way always use nothing special, but right materials and equipment. Actually, the market is full of laminate care products. As a rule, this is spray or gel. They clean the laminated floor, removing different stains and pollutions of all kinds. If you do not have special cleaning materials for your lovely floor, you may use standard chemicals to clean the floor with the neutral PH.

Make Your Laminate Flooring to Live Long

If it is necessary, you may clean your floor twice or several times a day. Frankly speaking, it is enough to clean it once a day. The simplest and the most traditional way is using vacuum cleaner. This is the best cleaning measure for everyday cleaning, refreshing the floor.

Lamination is not recommended to expose to such aggressive influence as high boots, spike hills, heavy furniture that you move from one side of the room to another all the time. Think of using carpets! You may buy a nice carpet for kid’s room, corridor, and living room. Watering the floor, try to remove water or other liquid as fast as possible.

It is interesting to know that the upper level of all laminated material pushes the dust back into the air. So, you may use vacuum cleaner every other day, r every two days. Washing the floor, do not forget to dry the floor with duster. The height of perfection is cleaning lamination mate floor. Use nothing, but soft brush and dust! Be careful, to make your laminate flooring live longer, try to take care of it. The first thing is choosing the right company to buy laminate and cover the floor of your flat in the best way.


What do you know about laminate? Oh, laminate floor covering became popular. It is cheap and easy to use. Nevertheless, laminate is highly competitive with other floor coverings, including hardwood parquet. As you know the price for parquet is dozens time higher than laminate. In short, this information is not new or secret. It would be better to speak about the laminate history.

New oak parquet of different colors
New oak parquet of different colors

History of Laminate

The history of laminate is very interesting. The Swiss company Perstorp offered to buy their laminated panels for sale in 1977. They were offered to use in form of floor covering. As the result of that experiment, laminate succeed in the building market. Perstorp started producing laminated material under the brand of Pergo. European market met laminate floor just in 1984. American market started using laminated floor is 1994. Of course, there were many differences. The boards were firstly glued during the process of montage.

Composing Rules

In short, the word laminate means layered material. Actually, laminate is multilayered floored covering. The upper layer is the main cover. It is predicted to protect the floor from the outer influence to be the clear membrane made of melamine synthetic resin.

The next layer is a picture of your floor. It may be not only the wooden structure but stone, tile, colored laminate, decorated with interesting pictures for kids. Everything depends on your wishes. The third layer is compressed wood. It is hard and water resistant. As a rule, the layer is 8-12 millimeters. The lower layer is stabilizing layer. It usually protects your floor from water, temperature and deformation. Nevertheless, buyers know nothing about laminate structure. They think of two important criteria: price and appearance. There are many people, who cannot see difference between cheap and expensive laminate. It can be harmful and dangerous for health.

Where to Start, Choosing Laminate?

The first thing you should do, choosing the good laminate for your house, is find a good reliable partner – company that is ready to sell laminate for you. As a rule, such companies have their official web sites, where you can find all necessary information about producer, address, contacts, guarantee and other proposals. Do not believe to big phrases like the best covering, high technology or made by great masters. You should believe facts, documents, official proposals and positive feedbacks. If you want, you can ask for consultation first to learn everything about the laminated floor and partner-company.

What Is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Laminate?

Have you ever tried to find the difference between two types of laminate of different price? They look similarly adequate. The difference is huge! You know it is like comparing plastic and fresh fruits. The laminate floor is popular covering that is actively produced for 30 years. The producing of laminated boards are checked and controlled by European norms EN 13329 and EN 14041. These world standards give you a guarantee that you buy high quality product. The world standards are also a guarantee of ecologic, physical, industrial safety of your floor. The guarantee term for modern laminate in Europe is more than 10 years. The glorious producers try to create different designs, forms, assortment and service.

Laminated Surfaces

The structure of laminate floor is very important to make a good impression of your floor. You know, it is really difficult to find differences between wooden floor and laminated cover. The surfaces are similarly the same.

Laminate Floor

Laminate is a perfect covering for allergists. It is not a secret but natural laminated floor is useful for health. If your family like clean floor and purity everywhere around, you should use laminated floor. This is a covering of advanced cleanness and comfort. The high class covering is absolutely safe, free from dangerous chemicals. It can be affirmed that modern laminate is a base of your healthy life. Breathe to the full! Laminated surface stops harmful microorganisms from increasing and damaging. They cannot feed and live in your floor to make your home safe.

Are you afraid that laminated floor is difficult to take care of? Pay attention to the newest laminated brands. They give no way to dust and dirt. You can clean it easily. It is enough to use wet dust and let you floor shine like a new.

Laminate floor is natural material. It is great that it looks natural. Your floor is absolutely ecologic, produced according to the newest technologies. It is made of 90% of wood. What kind of wood is usually used for laminated floor? The wood is ecologic clean and affirmed by PEFC and FSC certificates. High quality laminated surfaces is characterized with quality and high ecologic standards. Your floor is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, excluding harm and damage to people health.

Cleaning Secrets

 Finally, it is very important to clean and take care of your floor. Do you think that laminated surfaces are difficult to clean? Of course, it is better to use laminate in dry aired rooms. You can use it for bedroom, kitchen, living room or hall. It is not recommended to use laminate for toilet and bathroom. It is afraid of slack water. What are the right cleaning measures for your floor? Everything is simple.

You may use vacuum cleaner every day and wet dust once or twice a week. Never use strong chemicals and much water. Right cleaning measures help your floor to live for ages. Of course, it is not for ages, but for 6-10 years for sure. If you are ok by chatting online, you may learn many interesting things about laminate from experienced users. Remember, not all of them are right. Follow the instructions wisely.

Thus, choosing the right floor for your home, think about laminated materials. You can find a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is cheaper than wooden floor. Nevertheless, there are many modern companies that produce laminated floor of high quality and original design. It is not really cheap! Who needs laminate? Of you want your floor looks elegant, original and attractive, you need laminate. If you need to get natural floor of original design and ecologic nature, think of laminated materials.