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Wood Flooring CompanyModern wood flooring company of your region offers a big variety of wood flooring. You can choose the floor of your choice and preferences. What kind of floor do you prefer: cheap or high class? It is time to find out what kinds of floor are naturally wooden? What kind of wooden floor do you prefer?

The real wooden floors are parquet boards, massive boards and all kinds of parquet. Speaking about parquet boards, just upper layer is made of fine wood. This is the sense when parquet board is the cheapest variant of wooden floor covering.

Is Wooden Floor Worth Covering?

Let us try to choose the best variant for your house. From the point of view of microclimate, wooden floors are recommended to keep it warm and friendly. Natural materials look attractive. Wooden floor is up-to-date decision to be the true taste. The ecological compatibility of wooden floor makes it safe to be used for kids’ room.

How Good Wooden Floor is

Advantages of wooden floor are:

Obviously, wood is the best-selling ecological material to cover the floor. It is popular of its hypoallergenic and antistatic qualities. This is the best decision for kids’ rooms. Wood is cross functional material. Floor covering is suitable for different designs. This is also a good and comfortable atmosphere. The floor is pleasant to step bare footed.

Disadvantages of wooden floor are:

It is dangerous to use wooden floor for accommodations of high wetness. The floor can be damaged and deformed. As a rule, the wooden floor can be infected with insects. Mold and decay are also dangerous. Do not worry of these problems. You can easily prevent them or remove by method of choosing right well-elaborated wooden floor.

Meet TOP 4 Popular Variants of Wooden Covering

The material that is used for wooden floor is different in all characteristics. You should choose the floor according to your budget and handling mode. Wood flooring company has a great variety of it.

Massive Wooden Floor

As a rule, the wooden floor is made of one pieced wooden board. The boards can be 25-27 millimeters thick or 57 millimeters thick. The hardest woods that are chosen to produce massive wooden floor is white oak, North American maple. The others are soft. They are cherry, red tree, nut tree and others. These sorts of wood are predicted to use for elegant massive floor.

Glued Laminated Wood Floor

The wooden boards are made of many layers (from 3 to 5). The wooden floor of this type is made under the high pressure and temperature. It makes them strong and temperature resistant. This is the best choice of floor for rooms with changeable temperature-wetness balance. It is very convenient.

Parquet Wooden Floor

 Parquet has many-layers structure. The upper and lower layers are made of one-piece boards. The middle layers are made of special wooden substances. The boards are covered with top protective layer. It makes it live long.

Laminate Wooden Floor

The upper laminate floor looks like a wooden board. Actually, this is not a wooden board, but the picture of it. As a rule, laminated board is made of four layers: lower – based layer, middle – waterproof decorated layer, and upper – water resistant layer. The laminated boards are not thick. The upper layer is protective. You can use this kind of floor for hall, corridor, and living room. The damaged board cannot be restored. Nevertheless, it can be easily replaced if needed.

Comfort of Your House Starts with Wood Flooring Company
Installing laminate floor and wood samples. 3d

Right Floor for Right Room

Each room in your house must be used in different ways. This is the main criteria to choose one or another kind of floor for this particular room.


Kitchen is a room of high wetness everywhere. Massive wooden board and parquet board are not recommended to use for kitchen. It is better to use laminated materials. This fact was tested and proved by wood flooring company that you are going to contact with. The laminated floor is stronger. You may use special paste to treat your floor from cracks and other small defects. Using laminated floor for kitchen you have to change it every three years.

Living Room

Living room is characterized of high publicity. Many people go here and there every day. So, it is better to use laminated floor for your living room. As you can see, natural materials are not the best variants for kitchen, bathroom and living-room. What about the 32nd class? It is strong enough to rough it.

The rooms in your house can be differently covered. The perfect variant for you is natural wooden floor. You may use elegant massive floor covering for the most of rooms in your house, excepting kitchen, bathroom and living room. Parquet and laminated floor are also available.

Cleaning and Washing Nuances

The times of waxing floors are far behind. There are many different ways of take care of your wooden floor. The choice of chemicals is wide. To clean your floor in the best way you have to keep a couple of simple rules. You should keep your floor away from abrasive chemicals and high wetness. If you watered your floor, it is better to remove it.

Real Price of Wood Flooring Company

The price for your wooden floor is usually defined by wood flooring company. Where are going to buy floor covering? – Specialized shop, market. The price also depends on materials that it is made of. The fact is that natural floor cannot be cheap.

The most expensive and prestigious floor covering is massive wooden boards. It is positioned as top-rate wooden material. The next, cheaper variant is parquet and parquet boards. The best democratic price is characterized for parquet board. It is because of productive technology. Of course, there are many expensive parquet floors made of prestigious materials. In short the price for parquet boards and parquet is equally medium.

Wooden floor is not a work of art. The modern productive methods and technologies allow covering all houses with high-rate wooden floor. There is much depends on you. Wooden floor needs much attention and correct usage. There must be something in what you have on your floor!

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