How to Restore Laminate Flooring

If you are a homeowner, you have a lot of pain about your new responsibilities. Of course, some of these responsibilities are universal to anyone, who wants to keep their home clean and fresh. Even apartment dwellers must clean their floors occasionally. So, let’s start from your floor! With this in mind, it is absolutely essential to learn how to clean and maintain your laminate floors properly. Do you want to know how to restore laminate flooring? The process isn’t fun, but there are a few tips, which can make it easier and more effective.

Here is What You Need to Restore Your Laminate.

Speaking about laminate floor, you cannot just scrub it. This will help, but you’ll also need some supplies and cleaning products. If you want you can make your own cleaning solution. Here what you need for cleaning your laminate floor.

  • Steam mop
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Paper towels or rags
  • Broom
  • Vacuum


Prevent Pollution!

If you really want to know how to restore laminate flooring, prevent pollution! In order to keep your laminate floors looking great, you should first take steps to prevent them from being dirtied in the first place! Although laminate isn’t as easy to dirty up as carpet, you should still make sure that always take your shoes off, before entering your home. This simple jest will prevent tracking mud, dirt and other debris onto the laminate. You should also realize that sand and stones could get stuck in your shoes as much as your high heels. So, don’t forget to take your shoes off!

Also, you shouldn’t forget to place a rug or matt at the front door. It’s for your guests who aren’t going to be so responsible and clean their shoes. Giving them a rug will encourage them to wipe off their feet, before entering your home. Finally, you should make sure to protect your floors, by using runners or rubber stoppers on the bottom of furniture.

This will help to prevent your laminate from being scratched or damaged in any way.

Clean It!

When wiping up a spill, you should make sure to use a homemade natural cleaner. This combination will not only keep your home clean of dirt, but it’ll also prevent exposing your family and pets to harmful chemicals. Also, you should consider using a microfiber pad, NOT A BRUSH when cleaning your floors without chemicals. The microfiber cloth will be extra soft and will not damage the laminate. When forced to dry clean the floors, you will usually be able to get by with using a vacuum.

See, it is not difficult to keep your laminate floors perfectly clean, you should make sure to get into the habit of cleaning them every day! Vacuuming and sweeping is absolutely possible!

Just be careful! Using a flat cloth mop and a very mild spray cleaning solution each day is highly recommended. This will help to lift the dirt and debris from the laminate, without difficulty. Also, you might want to find and utilize the best vacuum for hardwood floor! This will give you the ability to quickly clean up food crumbs and other items, when needed.

Restore It!

Restoration needs special skills. Do you want to know how to restore laminate flooring? If you want to do it quickly you can hire a professional service or try to do it on your own. Let’s see!

In order to take the task on your own shoulders, you’ll need to equip yourself with the appropriate supplies. Although you can rush out to your local store and purchase some type of floor cleaner, you might want to consider making your own. Don’t worry, because you won’t need a lot of supplies. In fact, it is possible to throw together some water and a small amount of vinegar. This magic combination can be added to a spray bottle and can effectively clean your laminate floors.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the floor with the mop, you will want to make sure to clean the floors with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Make sure that you remove all of the standing water, because it could cause damage to your laminate.

Another effective chemical for restoring your laminate floors is hand soap and even baby shampoo! This might sound like a joke, but the baby shampoo can work perfectly and will make your laminate floors look bright and clean! This is one of the best pieces of advice you could ever find for proper laminate floor care! Try it!


Make It Shine!

Eventually, you’ll have your floors looking great, but you’ll want to give them a great little shine too. In order to make this happen, you need to vacuum the floor first to remove dirt and dust. It is very important to begin by removing the dirt and dust from your floors. Once you’ve gotten them free of debris, you’ll want to begin removing any residue that has attached itself to your laminate floors. You also need to grab some vinegar and mop-on floor wax. Through repeated cleaning with the vinegar, you will eventually be able to uncover the shine that has been hidden, by dirt and residue.

Once you’ve gotten this completed, you need to top it off, with the mop and wax. Make sure that you take your time and generously spread the wax thoroughly on your floors. This will help to make your laminate floors shine bright, as if they’re brand new!

As you can see, the process of cleaning and restoring your laminate floor doesn’t need extra steps from you. You don’t need specific equipment and ingredients. From the other hand, the process isn’t fun or exciting! Thus, the tips that you’ve just read will undoubtedly be able to help you. Remember that proper care for your floors begins with prevention. Taking off your shoes and encouraging your guests to do the same is absolutely vital! From there, it is all about persistence, patience and using the right supplies! Again, looking for how to restore laminate flooring, you can always ask for professional help. Professional cleaning team does everything they should to restore your laminate, but twice faster than you can do that DIY.

Wholesale Hardwood Flooring

If you want to renovate your residential or commercial space, solid hardwood flooring is a reliable and attractive choice. Especially, if you purchase it wholesale. The benefits of wholesale hardwood flooring are given below. Firstly, it is better to speak about the hardwood flooring advantages.

wholesale hardwood flooring

  1. Straight-forward installation for those with experience

Quality hardwood floors are specifically milled to ensure a uniform and stable fit. The choice between finished and unfinished hardwood floors is an important factor for every home owner.

  1. Easy to clean

Hardwood floors are very easy to clean as they do not accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. A weekly cleaning procedure involves vacuuming, moping and keeping the floor dry. That’s it!

  1. High quality look

It is elegant, high-end aesthetic. The hardwood floors offer the warmth, beauty, and value of wood, which never goes out of style. Hardwood floors are also said to enable a look of spaciousness wherever they are installed.

  1. Strength and durability

High quality hardwood floors that are kiln-dried, manufactured, installed, and finished to certain standards can last for generations. They are good for active workspaces and heavy foot traffic, quality hardwood floors are tough, hard-wearing, and have long term durability.

  1. A great long-term investment

Choosing hardwood floors increases the value of your property. It is a great long-term investment and can actually become a strong resale argument, exceeding the initial installation cost of the floors. Of course, the price of it is higher than lamination, but the quality is high too.

  1. Variety

Hardwood floors offer a wide range of appearances. There are many colors, styles, textures available. In addition, you can choose between pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors. No matter how diverse and unique your needs are, there are many hardwood flooring options available.

  1. Better acoustics

A properly installed hardwood floor never gives you hollow sounds or vibrations.

  1. Healthy indoor air quality

These floors are a healthy choice for interior environments. It has no fibers, grout lines, or embossing that can trap dust, pollen, particles, animal dander, and allergens that occur with carpets. They are the best choice of flooring with allergy sufferers and contribute to healthier indoor air quality.

Don’t Worry About the Price! Buy Hardwood Flooring Wholesale!

Wholesale outlets for hardwood flooring are increasingly popular in many parts of the country. Buying wholesale hardwood flooring is worth the effort of finding an outlet because of the money you can save. Check the phone book under hardwood flooring wholesale or search the internet for wholesale hardwood flooring. Nothing can beat the bargain of buying quality products for wholesale prices. You can be surprised.

Wholesale purchasing is an excellent choice because it provides the home owner with high quality hardwoods at a low, almost budget price. Wholesale hardwood flooring is flooring that is genuine hardwood but it is being sold at a wholesale price, or the price that the retailers will pay for it. The price is often significantly lower than that which you would pay at any other location. The most difficult aspect of the use of wholesale hardwood flooring is finding locations to purchase it from on your territory.

Wholesale Benefits

Wholesale hardwood flooring has many advantages to the user.

High quality

First off, it provides for people to have the high quality, the highly beautiful hardwood look. Don’t worry that the lower price makes the low quality. The product tends to be of the same quality as standard hardwood, the only difference tends to be the price. Hardwood wholesale is still the same in quality as that of the standard, or even over-priced, items. The difference is that it provides more affordability with that high quality.

Ageless Quality

Hardwood flooring has been used for years. It is a type of flooring that will last a lifetime or longer. When protected, it is durable, beautiful to increase the value of your home.

Saving Prices

The hardwood wholesale gives you one more great benefit – price savings. This is, probably, the most important and firstly visible benefit that you pay attention to. The drawback to hardwood flooring wholesale purchases is that they are hard to come by. Because the price of them is so outstanding, it can be purchased rather quickly. Or, it may not be available in all of the standard colors and types that the buyer would like to purchase. Hardwood wholesale is difficult to find and may mean that the buyer must purchase whatever it is that is being offered by the location. This may be a deterrent for some.

benefits of wholesale hardwood flooringWholesale Purchasing

There are a number of ways you can find wholesale hardwood flooring. First, you can check out wholesale outlets for hardwood flooring. These locations will provide you with hardwood flooring wholesale prices and often stock a good amount of the product. That means that you are likely to find what you are looking for and enough for your specific needs.

You can also look on the internet. You can seek construction projects that have been stopped or the customer changed their mind about their hardwood choice. What is important, you can read the clients’ feedbacks to be sure that the product you are going to buy is good and the constructor company is reliable. To find these wholesale outlets for hardwood flooring, simply do some basic research on the web. Know what the standard pricing plan is for the type of hardwood that you plan to purchase. Compare websites to find the wholesale hardwood flooring products from one website to the next until you find just what you are looking for in quality, price and desired look.

As you can see, there are many benefits for using wholesale hardwood flooring in your home or your business. It provides an affordable way for you to get the beauty and durability of hardwoods at the right price. It allows for the added value to the home or business because of the high quality of the flooring. When properly protected and maintained, it can last you for years. When you can get this all in a great price, what else is there to complain about? Wholesale hardwood flooring is an outstanding choice for now!

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring You Should KnowYou are here because you want to have the laminate floor in you place. This kind of floor was not the best of the best reputation floor covering. From the other hand, it is easy to lay and looks very attractive. So, what are the pros and cons of laminate flooring?

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring



Laminated floor is easy to lay out. Everyone knows that. It is really fast. You can lay the area of 300 square feet for one weekend. Of course, the old types of laminated materials needed to be fixed with one another with the help of glue. Everything is different now. Today, the laminated floor designed in special way to lay it with no glue. It is like doing puzzle. It is very easy as the boards are made of soft wood.


Of course, modern laminate makes it easy to lay. If you buy the materials of low quality, the laminated locks do not work in proper way. It makes the floor hurtable to water and heavy weight influence.



The laminated floor is very easy to clean. Just use mop or wet dust to wash it and dry. It needs no wax.


Heavy water penetrates the locks of the laminate to damage it. So, laminated floor needs no water but special cleaning shampoo.



Laminate flooring is good to lay in the dry environment. It is also attractive for using it in such wet rooms as kitchen, corridor, hall. As far as your floor is fixed in proper way, the locks are reliable protection from moisture.


Nevertheless, laminated floor does not like slack water. It can happen in kitchen, bathroom, anywhere. Pay attention that it is better to use ceramic or vinyl piles for rooms of such a type.



Unlike wooden floor, laminated covering is difficult to hurt or crack. The upper layer is very hard. It is protective for spots, watering, and mechanic damages. Never be afraid to damage your floor with the dirty spots and stains. They are easy to clean.


If the laminated floor is damaged with one or another way, cracked or spoiled, you cannot repair it but replace.



As far as laminated floor has covering layer, it is hard and multifunctional. It helps you to use floor and feel comfortable at that. It is not slippery in the bathroom and at the fire place.


Traditionally, laminated floor is slippery. This problem must be fixed with the latest time.



The laminated floor looks like the natural wooden cover. The choice is wide. You may choose the laminated boards with interesting even exotic designs.


If you lay laminated floor incorrectly, the cover design looks strange.

Maybe have you your own opinion as for above pros and cons of laminate flooring?

Pros and Cons of Laminate FlooringReasons Why You Like Laminated Floor

Of course there are many pros and cons of laminate flooring, but more and more people like it. Why?

  •  Quick montage

It is real to finish the room in a day. As it was said before, laminated floor is like a puzzle. You should fix one piece to another with the help of special locks. It is very important to use no glue or other liquids for montage. The laminated boards are light and soft to cut according to your needs with the help of special knife.

  • Do-It-Yourself Floor

Of course, comparing laminated floor with other kinds of flooring, this is the most attractive one for do-it-yourself. If you know a little about flooring types and montage, you can lay in your room.

The main thing is making the under floor level straight. You will not meet other difficulties.

  • You Can Make the Floor of Below Ground Level

Of course, this is not the main laminate characteristic. Nevertheless, you can lay your laminate flooring of below ground level if you need it. Never forget about the vapor-proof barrier. It is better not to laminate floor in the places of high moisture like bathroom or toilet, washing room. You may easily use laminated covering for kitchen, hall.

Some other Advantages

  • Quick Demounting

NALFA (North American Association of Laminated Floors) is a company that is responsible for laminated floor quality. They check the floor from different producers. You may easily lay the floor and – demount it. All you need is demounting skirtboards and take your floor into pieces as a big puzzle picture. It is very convenient and very fast if you want to replace the floor pieces or renew it.

  • Strong and Solid Floor

You think that laminated cover is damaged and too soft to use it for your floor. You are wrong. Never forget that even wooden floor has big problems. So, the laminated boards are as good and reliable as hardwood boards as they are made of pressed materials like a big layered pie. So, you can crack hardwood flooring and ceramic pile easily. The engineering wooden boards are solid and stable but not good in use. All kinds of floor have its advantages and disadvantages. Choose what you like.

  • Easy to Clean and Support

The laminated floor must be smooth and solid if it is done correctly. The easiest way to clean this kind of floor is Swiffer Wet Jet. You may use wet mop or dry cleaning, as you wish. Never forget that laminated floor does not like water.

Nice Design

The laminated floor is good in design. You may find the floor of different designs to look like different materials: wood, stone, ceramics, something exotic. The boards are different colors that makes laminated floor very attractive to use for different interiors. What kind of wood do you prefer? You may choose cherry tree, oak tree or birch or instead choose the floor that looks like the redwood. More sizes available: the standard laminated size is 3.5″. You may find 7 3/4 “.

Want more proves? Pressing is the best technology to produce high quality floor for everyday use. The pros and cons of laminate flooring are different for different users. Why do you need to lay the floor of this type? Share you information, please.

Reno Hardwood Flooring Secrets

Reno Hardwood Flooring SecretsSo, you decided to spend your money for hardwood flooring for your house. If you meet this problem in the first time, you cannot imagine how many different decisions you have to take in the process of choice. There is a big choice of wooden materials, wooden pictures, design and application methods. So, it can be really difficult to choose.

Wooden Floor Types and Benefits

There is one thing that you should remember: wooden floor is not cheap, more expensive than laminated materials, linoleum, carpet floor. Of course, the prices for wood became lower the latest years. Nevertheless, this is the adequate cost for high quality natural materials. To measure your budget and all pros and cons, you should measure the size of your room to find out how much material you need and what the price for it may be. Of course, wood is unique material. Every wooden board is unique in its picture, color, design.

Pay attention to wooden moisture content. It can be defined with the help of special machine. The moisture component may be 4-12%.

The next step is useful life of your flooring material. It is important as the floor wears down every day. If you have a big family or choose the worthy floor for your office or other public place, think of Reno hardwood flooring. For example, if you have kids and animals, you should pay attention to oak, harewood or beechwood materials. Want something cheaper? Use redwood. To make your floor live longer, you should apply some oil and wax on your wooden floor.

Remember, you can choose not only traditional wooden material for your territory but something exotic. Think of bamboo. Never forget that such kinds of exotic wood as merbau, courbaril, courbaril are pretty good. Such exotic interiors are stylish and original. It can be exclusive.

There are different kinds of Reno hardwood flooring. They are parquet, massive boards, laminated boards. It does not matter what way of floor covering you choose. You have to call for professional help. Remember that if you think that hardwood flooring is too expensive for you or wooden design is not your style for today, you may choose something cheaper like parquet. Nevertheless, wooden floor makes your house live longer.

Reno Hardwood Flooring Materials

The hardwood is characterized with solid wood and no snubs. This kind of wood is usually made of large-leaved trees. The most popular hardwood types in the North America are white oak, cherry tree, alder and maple tree. The most popular tree for flooring is Brazil cherry or Jatoba. It is solid by structure and beautiful in design.

It is interesting to know but the amount of solid wood types is bigger than soft woods. There is always a big opportunity to choose the best way of covering using solid or soft wooden materials. Definitely, Reno hardwood flooring is mostly popular because of many reasons. First and foremost, they are easy to clean and long to use. The most of hardwood trees grow in the North America and Europe. They are beautiful in texture, hard in using. This sort of wood is also used to produce furniture, floor and interior decoration.

Hardwood Flooring For Kitchen

Do you still think that hardwood flooring is unalloyed luxury? You can use it for kitchen! This is the best variant for kitchen! What is more, wooden floor is always up to date. Let us think: hardwood flooring is characterized with natural beauty and warm. Every new board is the masterpiece made by nature. You may use soft carpet to make your kitchen floor more comfortable. Nevertheless, wooden floor is resistant to pollutions and stains. You can use hardwood flooring not only for kitchen, bit for all rooms in your home to make it in one style. You can refresh your wooden floor with paints or laquer.


General information: hardwood flooring is wooden board made of large-leaved trees.

Useful life: the floor is solid and hard. This is the floor for years if you use it wisely. Watch high heels, watering and over drying.

Cleaning: if you have water puddles on your floor, dry it as fast as possible. As you know too much water is dangerous for wooden surfaces. Clean your floor with vacuum cleaner and wet dust.

Covering: you may use cork for undercover materials. If the room is mostly damp, it is better to use plastic or vinyl for under covering. There are many different variants, attractive in price and characteristics.

Reno Hardwood FlooringChoosing Reno Hardwood Flooring


The floor of hard wood is long living. They are available is different colors, textures, styles. They can be attractive for allergists and easy to use.


The flooring is afraid of watering and damp climate. Damaged floor needs professional reparation.


The prices starts from 30-100$/ for square meter. It is better to use professional help to cover your house. The most popular way of covering is combining wooden boards one by one as laminated boards with no glue and instruments.

Hardwood flooring is attractive for different styles and room designs. Choosing the most attractive floor for your room, consider these facts:

Wood: hardness, texture, color – all these factors are defined by the sort of tree. Traditionally, people use solid wood of traditional sorts of trees. Some of clients prefer exotic wooden materials to traditional solutions.

Width: the wide boards (more than 7,5) are mostly attractive for country-style kitchen, the narrow boards are attractive for modern cuisines. You can also use wooden floors of different design.

Texture: the old solid wood is a part of history. It looks like vintage floor – splitting, cracks show the age of your floor. Of course, if you want vintage floor, you should not use old damaged materials. There are many modern methods of working woods. Some of them look interesting.

Color: The color of your floor starts with the light tones. Thy can be caramel, wine, chocolate and black tones. Remember that kitchen floor must not be too light or too dark. They are not usable.

Start with Wood Flooring Company

Wood Flooring CompanyModern wood flooring company of your region offers a big variety of wood flooring. You can choose the floor of your choice and preferences. What kind of floor do you prefer: cheap or high class? It is time to find out what kinds of floor are naturally wooden? What kind of wooden floor do you prefer?

The real wooden floors are parquet boards, massive boards and all kinds of parquet. Speaking about parquet boards, just upper layer is made of fine wood. This is the sense when parquet board is the cheapest variant of wooden floor covering.

Is Wooden Floor Worth Covering?

Let us try to choose the best variant for your house. From the point of view of microclimate, wooden floors are recommended to keep it warm and friendly. Natural materials look attractive. Wooden floor is up-to-date decision to be the true taste. The ecological compatibility of wooden floor makes it safe to be used for kids’ room.

How Good Wooden Floor is

Advantages of wooden floor are:

Obviously, wood is the best-selling ecological material to cover the floor. It is popular of its hypoallergenic and antistatic qualities. This is the best decision for kids’ rooms. Wood is cross functional material. Floor covering is suitable for different designs. This is also a good and comfortable atmosphere. The floor is pleasant to step bare footed.

Disadvantages of wooden floor are:

It is dangerous to use wooden floor for accommodations of high wetness. The floor can be damaged and deformed. As a rule, the wooden floor can be infected with insects. Mold and decay are also dangerous. Do not worry of these problems. You can easily prevent them or remove by method of choosing right well-elaborated wooden floor.

Meet TOP 4 Popular Variants of Wooden Covering

The material that is used for wooden floor is different in all characteristics. You should choose the floor according to your budget and handling mode. Wood flooring company has a great variety of it.

Massive Wooden Floor

As a rule, the wooden floor is made of one pieced wooden board. The boards can be 25-27 millimeters thick or 57 millimeters thick. The hardest woods that are chosen to produce massive wooden floor is white oak, North American maple. The others are soft. They are cherry, red tree, nut tree and others. These sorts of wood are predicted to use for elegant massive floor.

Glued Laminated Wood Floor

The wooden boards are made of many layers (from 3 to 5). The wooden floor of this type is made under the high pressure and temperature. It makes them strong and temperature resistant. This is the best choice of floor for rooms with changeable temperature-wetness balance. It is very convenient.

Parquet Wooden Floor

 Parquet has many-layers structure. The upper and lower layers are made of one-piece boards. The middle layers are made of special wooden substances. The boards are covered with top protective layer. It makes it live long.

Laminate Wooden Floor

The upper laminate floor looks like a wooden board. Actually, this is not a wooden board, but the picture of it. As a rule, laminated board is made of four layers: lower – based layer, middle – waterproof decorated layer, and upper – water resistant layer. The laminated boards are not thick. The upper layer is protective. You can use this kind of floor for hall, corridor, and living room. The damaged board cannot be restored. Nevertheless, it can be easily replaced if needed.

Comfort of Your House Starts with Wood Flooring Company
Installing laminate floor and wood samples. 3d

Right Floor for Right Room

Each room in your house must be used in different ways. This is the main criteria to choose one or another kind of floor for this particular room.


Kitchen is a room of high wetness everywhere. Massive wooden board and parquet board are not recommended to use for kitchen. It is better to use laminated materials. This fact was tested and proved by wood flooring company that you are going to contact with. The laminated floor is stronger. You may use special paste to treat your floor from cracks and other small defects. Using laminated floor for kitchen you have to change it every three years.

Living Room

Living room is characterized of high publicity. Many people go here and there every day. So, it is better to use laminated floor for your living room. As you can see, natural materials are not the best variants for kitchen, bathroom and living-room. What about the 32nd class? It is strong enough to rough it.

The rooms in your house can be differently covered. The perfect variant for you is natural wooden floor. You may use elegant massive floor covering for the most of rooms in your house, excepting kitchen, bathroom and living room. Parquet and laminated floor are also available.

Cleaning and Washing Nuances

The times of waxing floors are far behind. There are many different ways of take care of your wooden floor. The choice of chemicals is wide. To clean your floor in the best way you have to keep a couple of simple rules. You should keep your floor away from abrasive chemicals and high wetness. If you watered your floor, it is better to remove it.

Real Price of Wood Flooring Company

The price for your wooden floor is usually defined by wood flooring company. Where are going to buy floor covering? – Specialized shop, market. The price also depends on materials that it is made of. The fact is that natural floor cannot be cheap.

The most expensive and prestigious floor covering is massive wooden boards. It is positioned as top-rate wooden material. The next, cheaper variant is parquet and parquet boards. The best democratic price is characterized for parquet board. It is because of productive technology. Of course, there are many expensive parquet floors made of prestigious materials. In short the price for parquet boards and parquet is equally medium.

Wooden floor is not a work of art. The modern productive methods and technologies allow covering all houses with high-rate wooden floor. There is much depends on you. Wooden floor needs much attention and correct usage. There must be something in what you have on your floor!

Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood FlooringWooden materials are widely used for house building and decoration. They are still popular in our days. Solid hardwood flooring is still competitive with new materials, new application methods. Thus, people prefer using imitation materials to hardwood flooring. Is it about you?

So, What kind of flooring is the best? This is a difficult question. The floor covering are different in many characteristics. If aesthetic factor means nothing for you, pay attention to price, positive and negative features, materials, durability life. This is a good start to find the best floor covering. The first question to start is what kind of wooden floor to choose: engineered or solid hardwood flooring?

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wooden floor consist of many different layers. The upper layer consists of hardwoods. The lower layers are less attractive but also very hard and reliable. All layers are connected with opposite grain direction to prevent swelling and shrinking. The wooden boards are different by their lengths and construction methods. You can construct them with nails, scabs and other constructing methods. The best-selling kinds of engineered floors are:

Wooden Sandwich

As you know, wooden sandwich is made as multilayer construction (3-5 layers are gathered together one by one). The upper layer is made of solid wood. The thick upper layers are the best solutions as they work for your best.

Stripes of Boards

The wooden stripes can be different by their broadness. The most of them are half-finished. The upper layer is made of exotic woods. It is much cheaper than previous variant because the upper layer is not thick. It is usually made of two or three layers.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

The hardwood floor is different by their broadness. The narrow boards are called poles; the broad boards are called planks. All of them are attached to the floor with nails and tenons to prevent deformation. The boards are half-finished. The range of sizes and prints are wide. The downside of the board must be applied with polish materials. It is a usual thing to use solid wooden boards of different size all together. It looks interesting.

Wooden Flooring

Do decide what to choose, engineering or solid hardwood flooring, let us learn about the rest of wooden covering. Actually, they are:

  • Parquet board
  • Mosaic
  • Block parquet


You can make your floor like new with three different ways:

  • Renew and restore old wooden boards, polishing them.
  • Repair defected boards with new solid boards of high quality.
  • Cover your floor with new floor covering according to your taste – engineering or solid hardwood flooring.

Engineered or Solid Hardwood FlooringNew Flooring

If your floor is really bad, you cannot restore it. The only one right solution is making your floor new from the very beginning. The wooden boards are made of different sorts of wood of different colors and textures. You can do nothing to make your floor attractive. It is attractive on its own. Avoid buying defected boards (cracks, knots, shoulders, wrong proportions). All these defects can be dangerous for your floor quality. Your home must be safe.

Parquet Boards

The parquet board is sold in form of many boards of different sizes to be connected with one another. The floor must be covered with the help of special connections – seams and butts. It is easy to cover your floor this way.

The parquet board can be different by thickness. As a rule, it is 8-9 mm, 12-15 mm, 19 mm or 23-25 mm. The parquet board is made of hard wood like oak, elm tree or others. Sometimes you can meet pine boards. The engineered parquet boards are multilayered. The upper wooden layer is connected with the rest of other layers, made of soft wood. The parquet board can be 125-200 mm by wideness and 1,8-2,4 meters by length.

Actually, parquet board has many advantages. Speaking about the hardwood flooring, it is usually made of hard woods to be long living and different colors. As a rule, hard wood is more attractive than soft. The materials for your floor must be high quality without visible defects – flexure, cracks and knots. The parquet floor is covered with nails, or by means of special connections, making so-called floating floor.

Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic flooring consists of narrow wooden boards with the textile base. The panel consists of four separate squares. The sizes of each panel are different. They can be from 300 to 600 mm with the high of 7,5-10 mm. can use different kinds of wood for mosaic floor. It can be covered with nails of special connectors, factory-supplied.

Block Parquet

Block parquet consists of small wooden sticks that are covered one by one, separately. The most widespread decoration is herringbone. The parquet blocks are different by their thick – 6-50 mm, and 225-300 mm length, 50-75 mm wide. The blocks are covered on the backspace made of special soft materials. It needs much time and efforts. As you can see, this is the work for professional companies.

There is one more way: engineered hardwood flooring for your house. It is made of thin upper layer of hard wood and lower cork layers with vinyl protection. It is good-looking and warm. There are no problems to apply it.

The boards made of natural wood are perfect for wooden furniture and decoration in your house. As a matter of fact, there is nothing better than wooden floor in the wooden house. Nevertheless, natural aromatic wooden floor is good application for brick houses, cottages, flats. It is very important to have good weather in your home. Wooden floor makes it soft and warm. There is nothing difficult to do it on your own. To avoid mistakes and wood defects, you should call for help. It may be consultation about: What kind of floor covering to choose?

Which variant of wooden surfaces is better: engineered or solid hardwood flooring?

What is the difference between parquet boards and sandwiches?

Is wooden flooring safe for your house?

This and many other questions must be answered before making your decision: to be or not to be. Learn theory and practice it.

Home Flooring Ideas

Home Flooring IdeasThe home flooring is largely forms the overall impression of the interior. But the floor should not only be beautiful. The inhabitants of the house walk on the flooring, the floor is subjected to the pressure of heavy furniture (and sometimes the furniture needs to be moved from place to place). So, the flooring must be solid, in order not to deform and wear out from mechanical loads. Children (and sometimes adults too) like to sit on the floor. So, the flooring should be enjoyable to sit and so that it can be easy to keep clean. Owners of apartments are guided by these considerations when choosing home flooring, based on their liking and financial opportunities.

Some history

Even in ancient times, the architects well understood the importance of creating strong and beautiful flooring. The floors in the palaces of ancient Egypt were made of polished stone slabs and had voids in which it was possible to skip the warm air. In rich houses of ancient Greece and Rome were marble and mosaic floors.

Traditionally, the floors in the homes of Europeans were made of wood, especially in northern Europe. In the Middle Ages wooden floors in rich houses were subjected to processing and decorating, the manufacturing technology of parquet floors had been emerged.

Carpet flooring came to Europe from Persia. Stone, wood and wool to this day remain the major natural materials for flooring. In the twentieth century, with the rapid development of chemical technology, natural materials were added by synthetic flooring. Since the 30s, linoleum began to be issued on an industrial scale; it’s now one of the most popular floor coverings.

Wooden and laminate flooring

By tactile perception the floors can be divided into hard and soft, warm and cold. According to the properties of the materials from which they are made they can be divided into natural and synthetic. In relation to the everyday stresses and factors affecting the flooring may be practical and sensitive, which require special care.

An excellent material for the flooring is natural wood. Mostly, it is applied in two ways: in the form of flooring, as well as in the form of a massive board. Parquet is very beautiful and has excellent sound deadening and anti-static properties. The same natural, environmentally friendly material is a wooden board. Larch is the best material, but pine and spruce may also serve as raw material for the manufacturing the floor. Parquet and wooden floors can have different colours and textures and are in good agreement with the majority of interior design styles.

A more economical option than natural wood is laminate. This material is made based on fiber board and paper, and has a surface film of acrylic or melamine resin. These substances are harmless and do not cause allergy. Laminate floor is very durable, and in appearance it is difficult to distinguish it from a floor of wood.

Home FlooringLinoleum and vinyl tile

In the eighteenth century linoleum was made of jute fabric, low-grade flour and vegetable oil. Subsequently, the oil in the linoleum has been replaced by polymeric materials. Linoleum is beautiful, has a lot of colorations. It is distinguished by strength, durability, anti-static properties. Many varieties of linoleum have soundproof soft substrate. The coating is easy to clean; it is soft and elastic, but not slippery.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are very convenient and easy to install: the protective film is removed, and the material is pasted on any base. Vinyl tiles are of different colours and sizes. The properties of vinyl flooring tile practically does not differ from linoleum.

Carpet flooring

Today carpet is one of the most popular floor coverings. Maybe because carpets combine in themselves beauty, practicality and cosiness. So, wanting to make their home comfortable and cosy, many people stop their choice exactly on carpeting.

The cheapest fitted carpet is thin, made of polypropylene or olefin without additional processing. The most expensive is jute-based, with a pile natural of wool. Carpets made by needle-punched method or flocking are accessible under the price and at the same time qualitative. As a rule, they have pile of pure polyamide or of a combination of wool and acrylic. Special treatment prevents the accumulation of static electricity. A pile does not emit volatile substances, and thus does not cause allergy. Fitted carpet provides good noise insulation, warmth, cosy look and a variety of colours.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile on the floor looks very elegant. Colours, patterns, textures, visual effects for ceramic tiles are constantly being developed, and on the market there are countless design ideas.

Ceramic tile environmentally friendly (made from natural raw materials, does not emit harmful substances), has high strength, not afraid of water, does not fade, and does not wear out.

Choosing home flooring

Each house has a completely different purpose rooms, so home flooring should be chosen considering the peculiarities of a particular room. For the hallway usually select coatings that possess the properties of strength, moisture resistance and durability. This is quite natural, because into the hallway people come from the street, more often in dirty and wet shoes. Ceramic tile has the required properties. Linoleum is also suitable for the hallway, because it is water-resistant. The same flooring is suitable for kitchens. For balcony floor the best are ceramic tiles; if balcony is with heat insulation, linoleum is suitable for its floor too.

Parquet, solid wood, laminate, carpet are well suited for the living room, bedroom and children’s room. Selection of the coating defines by overall style of the interior and by the budget. Soft carpet is very nice for a child, but in the children’s room quickly becomes soiled, and it must be cleaned frequently.

In the bathroom and in the toilet the only option is laying of ceramic tile. It is perfectly withstands abundant moisture and does not allow it to leak more. The tile flooring is easy to clean from any stains and dirt.

In conclusion, nowadays the owner of a house or apartment can choose floor coverings for interior decoration of your home from a wide variety of options offered. Our company can offer every customer a large selection of home flooring, from which he can make a choice according to their taste and the selected design style of the house.

Vacuum Cleaning and Floor Care

Vacuum CleaningIt would seem that there is nothing difficult to take care of the floor and keep it clean. There are a vacuum cleaner and a mop in every house. It is necessary to use them more often, and the floor will always be clean. But such opinion is wrong. Floors made of different materials require different treatment. Therefore, to ensure the beauty of the floor, it is necessary to know what the cleaning and care are suitable for flooring in your apartment, and follow these rules.

Vacuum cleaners for dry and wet floor cleaning

A vacuum cleaner as the home appliance is a vivid illustration of technical progress. The first vacuum cleaners had a gasoline engine, and they were transported on carts pulled by horses. Modern vacuum cleaner is a compact and convenient device. There are several types of this equipment for dry or wet cleaning, for smooth or hairy flooring. The most common type of vacuum cleaner is a device intended for dry cleaning. Inside such cleaner there is a dust bag. Sucked air passes through it and, purified, comes out. A variety of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning are the cyclone type machines. Precipitation of dust within these devices happens under the influence of centrifugal force.

Some models of vacuum cleaners designed only for wet cleaning. But the most universal ones are combined type machines: washing vacuum cleaners with dry cleaning function. Combined type has inside the water tank and the intake air filter system.

Among the different types of filters that manufacturers equip their vacuum cleaners the most perfect is aqua-filter. Instead of bags or containers inside the machine set a water tank for dust collection. In the process of cleaning the collected dust sets in tank water, and purified and humidified air flows out. Such system helps not only to collect the garbage, but also to struggle with harmful bacteria and allergens.

Vacuum cleaning and floor care for parquet

It’s hard to find more beautiful, reliable and durable floor covering than the parquet. However, the parquet will adorn the interior over the years only if the owners will be able to properly care for parquet and clean it. Good nozzle on the vacuum cleaner for parquet should be covered with special soft materials that will not left on the surface of the floor even micro-cracks during the cleaning. Such qualities have, for example, felt and camel hair. Many models of cleaners for parquet have silicone rotating elements. Due to them during the operation of vacuum cleaning, the device easily manoeuvred over a floor surface without damaging it.

The abundance of water is contraindicated for the parquet, because moisture penetrates into the pores of the wood, destroying its structure from the inside. Given this, is it possible to clean the parquet with wet vacuum cleaner? Some models of vacuum cleaners are suitable for this. In such devices the nozzle only slightly moistened to remove dust, but without causing a lot of moisture on the parquet.

Even high-quality vacuum cleaner for parquet is not recommended to use too often. For daily cleanings better to use dry vacuum cleaning and other methods of removing contaminants (such as floor cleaning with dry wipes). Another good tool for secure and gentle removal of dirt is horsehair brush, the structure of which can not harm even the most delicate surfaces.

Features of laminate cleaning

Laminate is one of the most popular floor coverings. The surface of the laminate does not absorb dust and dirt, so for normal cleaning it’s enough to clean the floor thoroughly with the conventional vacuum cleaner. Also the laminate has antistatic properties and does not attract a dust.

The water has an adverse effect on the laminate. Under the influence of moisture it can warp, and the fixing locks can diverge. Nevertheless, there are vacuum cleaners intended for washing the laminate. Such devices have a high absorption power, they spray the washing fluid in a minimum amount, resulting in only a slight moistening of the floor surface, and they have convenient nozzles.

Laminate can be cleaned with a damp cloth moistened with warm water, but after that, it is necessary immediately wipe dry the floor. Do not use detergents containing abrasive elements, acids or alkalis. Also it is impossible to clean laminate with metal brushes.

If the stain of a dye or ink has been formed on the laminate, it’s recommended to use acetone solvent. To remove stain, moisten a soft (non-synthetic) cloth with a solvent and apply it on the stain. After 1-2 minutes, wipe it with a soft cloth, and a stain will be removed.

Vacuum Cleaning and Floor CareCare of other types of flooring

Linoleum is flooring, which is not afraid of wet cleaning. For its flooring you can use a wet vacuum cleaning. If linoleum cleans with the help of a mop, it can’t be done with hot water. Hot water can cause warping of linoleum. You also must not allow soda or ammonia to contact with linoleum. As for spots on linoleum, they can be removed by kerosene or gasoline.

Tiled floor can be cleaned with water, but not with abrasive powders. Dirty seams between tiles can be cleaned with an ordinary brush.

One of the popular materials for the flooring is cork. Cork floors are beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly. This type of flooring can be vacuumed, cleaned with a damp cloth, wash with detergent. To wash the corks best suited soft detergent compositions not containing aggressive components and solvents. Hard brushes, abrasive cleaners or metal scrapers are not suitable, as they can damage the surface of corks, leaving scratches. To remove stains from the surface of the cork floor, you can process it with fine grit sandpaper, and if after that the floor will have minor defects, they can easily be hidden by the wax or varnish.

Professional floor care

Many people think that the care of floor coverings is easy to perform on their own. Why should you entrust vacuum cleaning and floor care to professionals?

Professional care of floors includes not only vacuum cleaning, but also measures aimed at extending the life of floors and enhances their appearance. Some types of floors with heavy soiling can be cleaned with a rotary machine and a wet vacuum. This is a deep professional cleaning, which has much higher efficiency than the normal cleaning and washing. Also available dry-cleaning of floors, it is aimed at removing of severe stain, dirt, cement and lime deposits. After cleaning, such floors as parquet, linoleum, tiles, natural stone are polishing to a shine to remove detergent stains. In addition, the floors can covered by special polymer coating, which greatly facilitates the daily care of the floor and protect it from dirt and damage. This greatly improves the appearance of different types of floors and extends their service life.

By contacting to the services of our company, you can get a professional care for the floor of your house or apartment, and it will provide an attractive appearance and durability of the floor covering.

After studying the rules of care for the type of flooring that you have in your house, you can successfully keep it clean and ensure its good looks. But the most quality results can be achieved if the floor will be cared professionally. It can be provided by specialists of our company.

Choose Your Laminate Flooring

Choose Your Laminate Flooring as You Choose a FriendSpeaking about flooring, there is always a choice. Definitely, hardwood floor is considered to be the best for your home. Nevertheless, it is rather expensive variant. Think about the best alternative to time-honored hardwood covering – laminate flooring. Why not? Laminate boasts with excellent characteristics, looking great for your floor.

What Kind of Material Laminate is

Laminate is special flooring. The using of laminate grows in increasing frequency. The reason of it is simple to explain: laminate flooring has a mass of positive characteristics. The covering is equally good for housing units, trade and office accommodations.

The first and main reason for people to choose laminate is its price. It is not high, comparing with solid hardwood and other types of hardwood flooring. It makes no difference. Laminating is similar to any kind of wood. This fact allows creating visually different interior. You can also choose simulation of stone, original paintings. You may use laminate for Eco design or country style.

Laminate is simple to use, depending on the chosen type. If desired, you may arrange it on your own, without additional assistance. The key phrase is: comfort and simplicity. Your floor is going to be great!

Laminate is easy-handling. It means that all pollutions are easy to remove with the help of special cleaning liquids or soap solutions.

Laminate is ecologically clean. It is very important for allergists.

Laminate is resistant to high temperatures. Nothing happens if you dropped the heating apparatus on it.

Laminate is resistant to mechanical loading. It is hard to crash and compress. You can draw on it.

Choosing the high-quality material of popular and reliable brands, you should pay attention to such additional characteristics as impact resistance and other available damages. The high-quality laminate is not afraid of stains, of course, if you are going to take care of your floor.

Laminate Usage Durability

The laminate durability classes were specially developed to help people to choose one or another kind of flooring according to your taste and budget. You know, all types of laminate should be carefully checked and tested. They are no less than 18. You are welcomed to buy commercial laminate – strong and high-quality material, predicted to cover the floor mostly for official and public organizations. If you decided to buy it to cover the floor of your house, it will serve for more than 30 years. The laminate flooring is classified into water resistant, casual laminate and extra-heavy laminate.

You should take care of your floor, independently of the lamination class and durability characteristics. Do not forget that first of all, lamination material is wooden material. So, it is afraid of water.

Washing Laminate Flooring

It is recommended to clean the floor with vacuum cleaner and soft mop. If you feel that you need removing hard stains, you may use wet mop. It must be wet, but not moist. It is better to wash the floor with warm water and dry duster. Try to use clean water, free from soap liquids and washing materials.

Water is dangerous for laminating floor. Try to remove big water as fast as possible. Thus, washing laminate means wet cleaning, but not watery. You must be careful in places of canalization and slack water. Remember: watering your laminating floor, you have to remove water as fast as possible.

Prices, promotions, styles, and availability may vary. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.

Laminate Care Products

Laminate care products can be effective to use to clean the floor in the best way. What is important, you should try to avoid abrasive cleaning reagents. Do not use soap and cheap soap concentrates. The soap destroys the upper laminated layer. It is not surprising that it can be difficult to remove soap out of the floor. Alkaline cleaners destroy the upper laminated level. So, they are prohibited to use for laminated flooring. As a rule, producer-company recommends special washing materials to use for your type of laminated covering. It is better to buy these products to clean your floor in the safest way. Nevertheless, you may always use clean warm water that using wrong chemicals.

Actually, mud is the first enemy of all types of laminated covering. Try to change shoes, or clean them before entering the room. The mud, sand and other small particles on the floor cracks the laminated covering with the curse of time. If you have already cracked the floor, you should buy special paste.

There is a special mop and chemical to clean the laminate flooring without any efforts. They are developed, considering floor specific and surface type. To take care of you covering in the right way always use nothing special, but right materials and equipment. Actually, the market is full of laminate care products. As a rule, this is spray or gel. They clean the laminated floor, removing different stains and pollutions of all kinds. If you do not have special cleaning materials for your lovely floor, you may use standard chemicals to clean the floor with the neutral PH.

Make Your Laminate Flooring to Live Long

If it is necessary, you may clean your floor twice or several times a day. Frankly speaking, it is enough to clean it once a day. The simplest and the most traditional way is using vacuum cleaner. This is the best cleaning measure for everyday cleaning, refreshing the floor.

Lamination is not recommended to expose to such aggressive influence as high boots, spike hills, heavy furniture that you move from one side of the room to another all the time. Think of using carpets! You may buy a nice carpet for kid’s room, corridor, and living room. Watering the floor, try to remove water or other liquid as fast as possible.

It is interesting to know that the upper level of all laminated material pushes the dust back into the air. So, you may use vacuum cleaner every other day, r every two days. Washing the floor, do not forget to dry the floor with duster. The height of perfection is cleaning lamination mate floor. Use nothing, but soft brush and dust! Be careful, to make your laminate flooring live longer, try to take care of it. The first thing is choosing the right company to buy laminate and cover the floor of your flat in the best way.


Flooring is a vital aspect to consider when decorating a home, a rental property or an office. When it comes to decide on the best materials to use based on their properties and intended applications. Very important to be properly guided when looking for quality floor covering products to avoid potential hustle, disappointment and waste of money and time caused by 2nd and liquidation grade materials. “You get what you pay for” is true in flooring as in anything else, if you expect your floors to last for more than just a few years.

We are talking about most needs which is the suitable flooring to get each room properly decorated, while maintaining its structural integrity and intended usage. There are several options to choose from. You have to make proper inquiries before taking any serious decision and are several considerations you have to make. Given below are vital tips to help you out:

Flooring Rooms Recommend Steps

Consider the room you wish to cover

Consider the kind of room or section you wish to decorate when searching for suitable flooring. There are different kinds of floor covering meant for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. There are also suitable solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, verandas, stairs and hallways. You have to spend time to make a good choice.

Consider the level of foot traffic

The level of foot traffic that comes into the rooms or sections matters a lot when choosing floor covering. For instance, the foyers, living rooms, stairs and hallways attract higher level of foot traffic. It’s recommended to use hard materials like tile, wood or laminate in such areas. If you have dogs  that weigh over 75 pounds- consider laminate as it is much denser than wood and can tolerate high heals and dog claws with ease. Kitchens attract dirt, stains, water and food spillage. You should consider using ceramic or porcelain tile or linoleum. Porcelain tile is very much stronger than ceramic or natural stone- it will resist cracking much better. Linoleum is a healthier alternative to synthetic Vinyl (PVC), according to some independent researchers. Bedrooms attract low foot traffic. You can consider using a rug or carpet there. Natural carpets and rugs made of wool, sisal, hemp or other renewable resource leave a much smaller footprint if any, and contain no synthetic ingredients that are harmful to living cells. Bathrooms and laundry rooms require tile or linoleum since they are prone to water spillage and stains on regular basis. Cleaning and Sealing the Grout lines annually prevents cracking of grout and a loss of water resistance.

Consider your location

Some wood species like Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Bamboo and other “exotics” come from very humid places and therefore should never be installed in dry climate areas like Nevada, Arizona, Utah, etc., unless there is a humidifier available to keep the relative humidity at 40-70% throughout the lifetime of those materials.

Other Engineered Hardwoods are made using a “pine-planking” core that will expand and shrink drastically in dry or very humid climates, when “cold-pressed plywood” core will perform with no issues and visible changes.

Consider construction of materials

Think about on how and what the proposed materials are made from. Bamboo is Grass, therefore it requires massive amounts of petroleum-based glues and epoxies to make it harder and to hold it together. Engineered Hardwood requires 3-5 times less that of the expensive and hard to grow/get wood species, and is also based on pine or birch plywood, mostly made of sustainable harvested and re-planted, fast growing timber.

Remember Vinyl (PVC) and Carpets are made of petroleum by-products thus containing hundreds if not thousands of harmful chemicals that  should never be put in contact with people, animals and especially new-borns. They utilize enormous amounts of energy and water in their production and take hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose.

Consider the location of the room

The location of the room matters a lot. Inner rooms don’t attract much stains and foot traffic. They may not require heavy covering materials. Rooms that are close to the kitchen, hallways and stairs may require heavy coverings since they will be attracting much stains and foot traffic.

Consider the home décor

Also, remember to consider choosing flooring before the rest of the decor such as color of the curtains, blinds, furniture and other decorative items in a home because quality floors are designed to last for over 25 years and they will cover an entire house- you may change the decor several times before you need to re-do your floors, so they might as well be chosen first, then bringing  the rest of the house to them as your mood strikes you.

Consider the people in the home

If some people have allergies, you have to take that into consideration before choosing any kind of surface. Such individuals may get sick when they stay in rooms covered with synthetic carpets and rugs. They will continue to suffer allergies that will emanate from the dust, dirt, cleaning products and traces of other chemicals brought in on shoes and pets. You can consider using tile, wood or laminate for the room since they are often very easy to clean and trap no dirt and dust.

Take proper measurement

Before you think of buying any flooring product, you need to have the full measurement of the rooms and other areas you wish to cover. You can also take pictures of the rooms and may be asked to provide such details when you meet with the right dealer.

In all, you have to purchase the best flooring from a reliable supplier. Look for a dealer that markets quality products. You can be sure of changing the appearance of your home when you use the right materials.

If all the above are too much for you then just consider hiring a Pro

Hiring a professional installer should be considered if your skills are that of a beginner, as some forms of flooring require special skills and tools. If you are confident in your ability to handle the task, ask for tips from the supplier of your choice, as they should know their product and its uniqueness and should be happy to share tricks and tips to make your job easier, faster and safer.