Solid Hardwood Floors

Solid Hardwood Floor Sometimes, it is difficult to come to terms with the price for solid hardwood. As a rule, it costs more expensive than wooden parquet. Do you remember ancient villas and palaces, decorated with massive wooden floor? The modern wooden floor is admirable floor covering that is characterized with the natural warmth and special charm. This is the floor for luxury apartments. You have an opportunity to have solid hardwood in your house! Do you believe to expert’s opinion? They can tell you about all advantages of the wood floor.

Solid Hardwood Floor Advantageous

The main advantageous of solid hardwood, comparing with other wooden covering, is term of exploitation. Why? Look at that thick and wide working layer! The standard thickness of a floor is 20-22 millimeters. The working layer is 10 millimeters wide at that. It is important for the floor useful life. Remember that typical parquet board is 3-4 or 7-8 millimeters wide. What a big difference!

Long-living is not the only one advantage of your wooden floor. As you know, wooden floor is warm and comfortable, better than other synthetic materials. This is a great chance to go without under-floor heating. Your floor looks like a massive wooden monolith that is sound resistant. The boards are wide and massive, making your room visually bigger. Every next board is inimitable to tell its own history. Finally, solid hardwood floor is ecologic, recommended to use by kids and allergists.

Wood is living material. All boards are unique in its variation of color and structure. Wood is a product that was created by nature. Such natural effects, so-called defects, as cracks, snags are also often available. You know, many people like these wooden qualities. It is colorful and specific.

Now it is important to say that all before mentioned wooden advantages make massive floor better that others. It is no surprising that the most of people prefer natural wooden floor for their home to raise their status.

Cheap and Elite Floor Status

What is the most popular material for solid hardwood floor? You know, almost all possible types of wood are usually used to produce massive wooden covering, including the cheapest and soft – pine tree and ebony wood. You can also meet floor of rare exotic wooden materials like Caribbean koa, kumier, champaka tree, or even bamboo. The cheap and practical wood is oak. Exotic trees are expensive. Nevertheless, they are unusual, strange and original by color and beauty.

By the way, the most expensive types of wood are only made of exotic trees, but European. Thus, for example, the pear tree is considered to be rather expensive. Oak is popular material to use if for floor production. It is characterized by stability and easy to work with. The floor made of merbau and maple tree is also popular. So, there is no cheap wooden floor. This is not a rule, but axiom. Remember that high quality wooden boards cannot be cheap. Even pine boards that are worked in the best way are not cheap.

Price for Wooden Floor

The word cheap is not about massive wooden floor. It is better to say: European sorts of wood are more accessible than exotic wood. Speaking about European trees, the most accessible of them are maple, cherry tree, nut tree. The best elite sorts of wood are African teak and wenge. The most popular and not very much expensive wood is merbau.

The market price for massive wooden floor is made of not only the price for rare wood and its quality characteristics but texture, tone, visible wooden defects. For example, the wood of radial texture is very expensive. The high quality wood is also more expensive than defected boards. As a rule, elite floor is specially selected and high quality floor, made of quality material with the help of quality equipment.

Solid HardwoodThe Best Rooms For Wooden Floor and Why

It is thought that massive wood is good for cottage houses and other buildings like pubs, restaurants, billiard rooms. It is also good-looking material for city building and flats. You may use it for living rooms halls, bedrooms and other big areas where the key point is furnishing and common style.

As a matter of fact, the most attractive area for solid hardwood must be not less than 20 square meters. Otherwise, the floor does not look as beautiful and colorful as it is. So, looking for a good floor for small rooms, it is better to choose parquet or massive boards of a small size. It is not very impressive, by the way.

Solid Hardwood Usage Conditions

Wooden floor is attractive to use for different rooms that are not hugged to have damp climate and temperature extremes. The solid hardwood floor is recommended to use for rooms with the heavy workload (hall, corridor): oak tree, maple tree and many exotic wooden surfaces. Looking for something interesting for your bedroom, you may use cherry tree. Pay attention to wood hygroscopicity that means changing wood characteristics by changing climate facilities, like temperature and wetness. Never use pear tree, maple and some exotic trees for kitchen, balcony and cottage houses, where you cannot keep the stable climatic regime.

Actually, the question of using wooden floor for rooms with the different wet conditions is hot as never before. People want to use solid hardwood floor for kitchen, bathroom, around the swimming pool territory. There is no way to speak about boring technical details, but the opportunities are wide. You may use teak floor and never afraid of wetness. Of course, you cannot take the teak block of wood and make boards of it. The boards must be specially prepared.

The floor is one of the most important interior elements in your house that make your room special, moody and colorful. The floor surfaces made of natural wood are impressive. If you like things that are always up to date, you should use massive solid hardwood floor. This is a great chance to make new fresh interior that is always of great current interest.

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